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Daniel Cormier: “Roy and I still have some unfinished business.”

Daniel Cormier: “Roy and I still have some unfinished business.”

UFC heavyweight Daniel Cormier doesn’t have any real influence when it comes to the company’s executive decisions but he’s still willing to offer suggestions to his employer, especially when it comes to the organization’s ability to bring divisional peer Roy Nelson back into the fold. Nelson is currently a free agent and has been actively negotiating with the UFC though it’s unknown what sort of progress has been made.

The 12-0 Cormier brought Nelson’s name up during a recent interview with MMAFighting, expressing hope in seeing “Big Country” re-sign with the ultimate result involving a rumble between the two at some point in the coming months.

“Roy and I still have some unfinished business. I hope he re-signs with the UFC, so we can settle what he started two months ago,” said Cormier. “I want to find a way to give him a pass for his performance against Stipe Miocic since he took that fight on such short notice. In my eyes, that loss didn’t do much to diminish his place in the UFC heavyweight division.”

Nelson saw a three-fight winning streak snapped with his one-sided decision defeat to Miocic in June. However, he’s still 19-8 with seventeen stoppages, owns past success against a handful of highly-touted heavyweights, and would certainly make for an interesting adversary if inked.


    should be a good fight-I see Cormier barely squeeking by after the third

  • MickeyC says:

    I like Roy, & think hes a great fighter, but it looks to me like DC may be looking for the easy rd. there are a couple decent heavys comin off wins that have called him out.

  • MCM says:

    Agreed MickeyC. I’d rather see DC take on Browne or even Miocic before Nelson. Course I think the UFC should only sign Nelson if he drops to LHW.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    Come on DC really??? That’s who your looking at for your last fight at HW so can try and lay claim to shot at Bones??
    Weak bro. Very weak.


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