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UFC 162: The Fix is “In”

UFC 162: The Fix is “In”

Though plenty of folks picked Chris Weidman to beat Anderson Silva at UFC 162, seeing “The Spider” go down in the fashion he did still dropped countless jaws. In fact, Silva’s stumble was so shocking it’s even inspired a conspiracy theory stating the Brazilian allegedly threw the tilt. While the argument would be easy to shrug off were it only being made by a handful of fans, this instance involves more than one media outlet running with the notion including a notorious video segment from the folks at Sports Illustrated.

Despite the popularity of saying Weidman’s win over Silva was fixed, any forward-thinking fan or media member has to know the reality of the outcome was far from a scripted matter.

For starters, this was a Mixed Martial Arts show, not a WWE pay-per-view. As such, delivering a main event with a pre-ordained winner would violate a number of laws based on the governing bodies involved. It would also destroy the UFC’s reputation in the same way the NFL ‘s popularity would take a massive hit if the Super Bowl was a sham. Truly, why would the company risk millions of dollars, potential prosecution, and their future as a business to put the belt on Weidman?

Secondly, Silva’s in-ring antics were nothing new and shouldn’t be seen as suspicious. He’s a showman as much as a scrapper even dating back to his days in PRIDE. After being put on the mat early, Silva was baiting Weidman into a stand-up war, i.e. his best chance of winning, instead of waiting for a second takedown to come. And, ultimately, he was successful to a fault, landing some nice strikes before Weidman’s fight-ending attack. But, again, there was nothing questionable about Silva’s decision to clown a competitor in hopes of gaining a mental advantage.

Finally, you’re talking about a situation where a number of parties – family, friends, Herb Dean, NAC officials, etc. – with intimate access to Silva, Weidman, and UFC President Dana White would have to either be in on the situation or completely duped. Again, there’s simply no reason for the UFC to orchestrate such a massive undertaking in hopes of making a new star and selling a few hundred thousand PPV buys.

The discussion on how legit Weidman’s starching of Silva was should end immediately and talk of how the rematch will unfold should begin. Anything else belittles Weidman’s accomplishment and the sanctity of the sport, at least at its highest level.

  • drstu says:

    Pretty weak arguments. You don’t have to turn it into a WWE style event or involve any of the people listed to fix the fight. Just say,”Anderson take a dive and you’ll get a mil up front for the rematch.” Done.

  • SBERG says:

    Pretty weak post drstu…Just plain dumb to tell you the truth…Do some research before posting next time please…Done.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Silvas acted like a clown in a few of his fights. Griffin fight, in abu dabi, bonnar the difference is weidmas a strong guy that landed when others could nt.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i don’t think it was a fix in the slightest, and i dont think most people were saying it was a fix, but that Anderson lost because he wanted to. thats what i’ve garnered from a lot of the shite i’ve read anyway.

    also think its naive to say a fix just downright couldnt happen, of course it could, the history of any sport has its big money fixes. not saying this is one, but damn sure it could happen.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    A brutal ko Is a hell of a way to fix a fight. Were not yalking george formans come back here. Silva got hit hard and could ve got a life long injury I doubt he would put his life on the line. Aka hit me as hard as u can just pay me.

  • Screenplaya says:

    No one “fixes” a fight and then gets KTFO. No one. If it were a fix, he would have subbed to a knee bar in the 1st round, If it had been a fix, he would have gone down and covered up and then got up slowly after it was stopped.

    There is some reason to think Silva might have, to some extent, wanted to lose. I would like to see an in-depth interview with Silva in a couple of weeks. I would love to know something about his mindset that night, and why he wouldn’t want a rematch.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    If it were a fix, he would have subbed to a knee bar in the 1st round

    I think Ben Henderson said the same thing right after the fight too when someone brought up the fix idea


    There was no fix

  • MCM says:

    When I think “fixed fight” I think Bob Sapp. This looked more like Anderson being his normal asshole self than a Bob Sapp fight. I think he didn’t give Weidman anymore credit than he gave Chael in their first fight and that’s why he lost. Plain and simple over confidence and nothing more.


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