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Chris Leben received exemption for addiction medication at UFC 162

Chris Leben received exemption for addiction medication at UFC 162

From arrests relating to alcohol to a suspension in 2011 for Oxycodone/Oxymorphine, UFC middleweight Chris Leben’s problems with substance abuse have been well-documented over the 32-year old’s run in the ring. That being said, the battle Leben deals with on a daily basis is rarely discussed.

Fortunately, it appears Leben is serious about cleaning up his life and hopes doing so will ultimately get his career back on track. Some insight into his world was given this week when MMAMania revealed “The Crippler” recently received an exemption from the Nevada Athletic Commission to use a substance called Suboxone aimed at helping patients hooked on opiates.

Chief executive Keith Kizer confirmed the matter.

Leben went on to lose his UFC 162 effort against Andrew Craig by Split Decision, his third straight stumble. However, as long as he stays on track, it looks like Leben will emerge triumphant in a fight far more important than any waged inside the Octagon.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I think it’s crazy he gets to fight while still struggling with addiction and that’s not to say that he doesn’t deserve to earn a living… it’s just crazy to me.

    I love Leben and always cheer him on but I’d rather see him build up his gym and make the adjustments to start entering into the post fighter phase of his life…He probably could hang in Bellator for a tourney or 2 and make bank then ride off into the sunset… If he sticks around UFC he may get a higher reward but alot more risk will come with it aswell.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Didn’t he have a yr to focus entirely on getting off of it?


    no more exempts for anything when it comes to fighting

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Opiate addiction is something you deal with for the rest of your life even if you’re clean. Suboxone is taken so the recovering addict doesn’t withdraw but it also blocks the receptors forcing the person to stay clean from pain pills or heroin. Others take methadone while others can handle being clean without substitutes. If Chris can’t trust himself to stay clean without a maintenance substitute then good for him that he realizes that. I’m all for this exemption.


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