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Dana White encourages Eddie Alvarez to sign with Bellator on one condition

Dana White encourages Eddie Alvarez to sign with Bellator on one condition

UFC President Dana White is obviously a businessman and promoter but his original tie to Mixed Martial Arts was as a fan. As such, regardless of the venom he often spews at athletes he’s personally upset with, White doesn’t like to see fighters suffer. And, as indicated by some recent comments, that’s exactly what White is witnessing when it comes to the way lightweight Eddie Alvarez’s ability to compete has been stymied by an ongoing legal case with former employer Bellator.

“He should fight for [Bellator]. First of all, they have every right – he signed a contract, and they have every right to him. But at least pay the kid the money,” pled White to a group of media members in a conversation captured by MMAJunkie. “(That’s) the reason that you get that clause in your contract where you get out find out what you’re worth. You get to get out there and shop around and see what Eddie Alvarez is worth. Well, Eddie Alvarez found out what he’s worth, and they’ve refused to pay him that. It’s bullsh*t.”

“So now this kid’s life and his career have been in limbo here while they’re in this battle. That’s dirty, boxing sh*t. That’s what boxing does. Boxing tries to tie you up and make so you can’t make any money and all this sh*t. We’ve never done that to anybody, ever,” the frustrated White said in conclusion. “Just pay him or let him go.”

Alvarez inked an offer from the UFC as a restricted free agent earlier this year but Bellator chose to match the terms, at least to a point given their inability to promise PPV or FOX-based revenue. The two camps are now battling it out in court. However, news recently came down stating it could be as late as September 2014 before a resolution is passed down, potentially costing Alvarez two years of his career depending on how things play out.

  • Rece Rock says:

    This whole thing is such a waste of time for all the parties involved… pathetic.

    Bellator should jsut release the guy from any obligation and spin it into a PR move for them to benefit from with good press for a change when it comes to fighters contracts.

    Regardless if Eddie was the face of the promotion at one time, if he was forced to return to Bellator do you really want a disgruntled employee as your marquee attraction at this point?? no win situation that should be dealt with sooner then later… it’s hurting both parties personally, financially and definately hurting both Eddies brand and Bellators brand.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Holy crap…Dana White acting as a voice of reason in a matter that doesn’t directly benefit himself or the UFC’s bottom line? Pretty amazing. Although, listening to DW call others out for not paying fighters their full market value is pretty damn rich.

    Anyway, Dana has been there, done that. Back in 2007 the UFC wasn’t going to cave to Randy Couture and let him latch on with Affliction. Allowing negative publicity to dictate critical business decisions would be pretty spineless.

    Business isn’t always pretty, and it doesn’t need to be. Randy realized a court battle was going to cost him far more in time & money than it was worth, so he eventually worked things out with the UFC to the point they could at least have a working relationship where they helped make each other lots of money.

    Eddie Alvarez is in a similar situation with Bellator now. Time for Eddie to cut his losses and work things out with the company that’s invested the most in him.


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