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Looking Back at Forrest Griffin-Stephan Bonnar I

Looking Back at Forrest Griffin-Stephan Bonnar I

A little more than eight years ago the world of Mixed Martial Arts changed in a major way when Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar locked horns in the Octagon at the original Ultimate Fighter Finale. Whether they remember exactly where you were during the ensuing effort or have killed the required brain cells since then, every fan knows Bonnar-Griffin served as the catalyst for the UFC’s current success and the popularity of MMA in general. The fight was highly competitive, full of action, and ended on a feel-good note with both men receiving a contract for their performances. It also reminded the world that two guys who just got done beating the snot out of one another could hug it out respectfully at the conclusion of their clash, showing a human side to a sport previously associated with thuggish behavior.

Fast-forward to this week and both beloved brutes are scheduled to enter the UFC Hall of Fame as part of the UFC 162 festivities for their contributions to the organization, specifically the scrap in question. Now, thanks to the folks at the UFC, fans can re-live the excitement of Bonnar-Griffin I.

Check out the pre-fight package and the full bout below:

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i rewatched this fight last week, going back over some old favorites, boy did they throw technique out the window. it may not be the best fight of all time but it sure is one of the most entertaining, from beginning to end. not many fights i actually bother rewatching the post fight interviews (unless they involve Tito and Ken). its a monumental moment in MMA history for sure, but not as action packed as i first remember, calling it the Hagler/Hearns of MMA seemed appropriate at the time but not so much now.
    hugely enjoyable none the less

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Hagler Herns stands by itself as the single greates fight to watch of all time imo, you just cannot get any better, that said this was one of the funnest MMA fights of all time to watch, not technical and very little ground scrambles and both guys exhuasted at the end of the second round but it was still great.


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