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Travis Browne has no sympathy for fighters complaining about pay

Travis Browne has no sympathy for fighters complaining about pay

Despite his relative success in the Octagon, UFC heavyweight Travis Browne won’t be breaking the bank anytime soon. However, he won’t be complaining about his financial status either no matter how far he may be from living a life of luxury.

Browne recently spoke with MMAJunkie where he admitted he had a hard time relating to fighters who express issues with the amount of money being brought home after a bout.

“Everybody has a choice. You don’t have to fight. You don’t have to be in this business, just like if I want to wake up and eat oatmeal instead of cream of wheat, it’s my choice,” said Browne. “I’m doing alright for myself, and I’m taking care of my family. I know what I’m getting myself into. It’s not like their promising me a million and giving me 10 grand. I signed on the dotted line, and I’m doing what I want to do. I’m able to take care of my family and provide, and that’s success for me.”

“If you want to fight, this is what’s promised to you. If you agree to it, then I don’t feel like you have the right to go back and say, ‘They’re not paying me that much.’ You agreed to it. This is your job,” he concluded. “I think that some guys may forget about that a little bit.”

The 14-1-1 Browne will bring home his next paycheck in mid-August when he faces Alistair Overeem at UFC on FS 1.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Way to suck up to the bosses, Travis.

    Oatmeal vs. cream of wheat. For a while there I was having difficulty reconciling how the UFC can rake in hundreds of millions of dollars annually while paying the fighters who create those revenue streams a small percentage that allows most of them to live paycheck to paycheck until they’re cut by the UFC. But oatmeal vs. cream of wheat clears it right up. The professional athletes at the highest level of mixed martial artists should keep their mouths shut & bow to the UFC’s power… or go do something else. Oatmeal. And cream wheat. And stuff.

    A guy like Tim Kennedy is a college graduate with experience in multiple business ventures. Travis Browne is a mental midget by comparison and his comments just fan the flames of ignorance surrounding the topic of fighter pay.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Obviously MMA has experienced huge growth over the past decade or so, to the point the UFC now rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Hell, the FOX deal alone gives them ~$100M annually (which is completely separate from PPV revenue, live gates, merchandise, sponsorship deals… and on & on. There’s a shit load of money being made).

    So there’s this enormous chunk of revenue that is being generated off the blood & sweat of the fighters we watch perform, most of whom will have a UFC career that doesn’t last more than a couple of years. If fans (and even some fighters) don’t mind that the UFC and its TV partners are getting filthy rich while most fighters are making enough to support themselves paycheck to paycheck, that’s fine. At a very basic level, it is correct to say that nobody is forcing these guys to compete and they could just go do something else. But I find that to be an incredibly naive point of view.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    He’s not wrong Richard, every fighter knows how much he is getting paid before he ever signs the contract, so he’s right in it doesnt really make sense for them to bitch after the fact. Also Tim Kennedy makes take home 20k each fight, his words, thats 3-4 fights a yr, thats 60-80k a yr he makes. I don’t know one person in my personal life that makes that much money, my mom makes 20k a yr, and my best friend makes 21k a yr, and they both are sole income supporters of their households, and yet they are able to make it, so why can’t Kennedy or a lot of other fighters make it on 60k a yr?

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yes, a person should be able to get by on $60K/yr.

    But when people start bringing the “average American” into a discussion about professional athletes in multi-multi-million dollar industries, it shows a lack of understanding of basic supply-and-demand economics.

    The UFC is now able to rake in literally hundreds of millions of dollars annually, from an athlete-driven venture that includes a very exclusive group of the top mixed martial artists in the world. And we’re sitting here talking about what’s the problem with most of these guys being paid like average Americans?

    That attitude is essentially saying we’d rather the UFC big wigs get rich(er) while the fighters get paid more like average Americans. That’s ass-backwards as far as I’m concerned, and whether $60K is adequate salary for a person to live off is completely missing the point.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    They work for the company they dony own it snd if the excel and get senority their pay will go up. Should they get mayweather money. Not most fighters but they should be getting a million a year imo they are on ppv and fox. Maybe a strike would put the ufc in place. No ufc for 6 months would equal more money for fighters.


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