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Nick Diaz says “scoring criteria” is “ass-backwards”

Nick Diaz says “scoring criteria” is “ass-backwards”

With seven of his nine losses coming by way of decision, UFC welterweight Nick Diaz is more than familiar with the way scoring works. However, that doesn’t mean he likes it. In fact, the 29-year old went so far as to “retire” after his last two tilts based on the way points were handed out.

Diaz spoke some about his problem with the current system in an interview with Bloody Elbow, expressing confusion about judges apparently awarding athletes who lack technical ability rather than those who are more effective with their efforts.

“It’s all geared toward this certain scoring criteria that’s really ass-backwards,” said Diaz. “When I fought Sean Sherk, he threw punches in the air and moved around a little more than I did. He threw combinations that weren’t even landing or doing any damage. [MMA judges] don’t know what they’re doing out there, and I’ve proven it. I’ve f*cking proven it, over and over again.”

“Spastic movements are made on account of a lack of technical aspects. So some fighters try to make up for this lacking technical aspect with some sort of frantic, spastic movement,” he continued. “And they’re awarding points for more of that stuff. They spazz out, all over the fucking place. And, all of a sudden, at the end of the fight, you realize … Hector Lombard lost [to Tim Boetsch]? What the f*ck is that? He landed all the clean shots and stood his ground. That dude [Boetsch] had to bounce around and move around all over the place. Frantically!”

Though the 26-9 Diaz didn’t voice any desire to return to the ring himself, the Stockton scrapper is attempting to help change the system by providing an outlet for like-minded fighters in the form of WAR MMA. The organization, headed by Diaz, has structured rules and the ring to be better suited for competitors interested in avoiding relatively cheap paths to victory such as cutting an opponent with elbows or stalling on the ground.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Diaz is still talkin good sign he ll be fighting soon.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I still don’t see Dana letting Diaz fight in the UFC now that he’s also a promoter

  • MCM says:

    I don’t understand how bringing up a fight that happened more than 7 years ago is significant. I also don’t see how “spastic movements” aren’t fighting but walking forward calling a guy Bitch is. None of that counts. The only thing that counts is strikes landed and against Condit and GSP, Diaz got out struck, plain and simple.

    Nick doesn’t like elbows cause he doesn’t have a defense for them, he doesn’t like wrestling cause he doesn’t have a defense for it, and it sounds like he doesn’t like evasive movement cause the doesn’t have a game plan for any fighter that won’t stand in front of him and just bang.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Basically MCM, Diaz wants it to be like boxing where you just stand in front of each other and swing over and over again. Also how is busting someone open with an elbow a cheap path to victory? Seems pretty damaging to me, and can screw someones game plan up, example machia/jones.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    there is no right or wrong with regards to elbows, its just opinion. in this case i agree with Nick, i dont like elbows on the ground. standing elbows fine, but not keen on the ground. i also hate foot stomps and smothering with the hand on the face, no skill involved. i dont like the savate style kick to the knee either. i would like to see knees to grounded opponents unless all four points are down, both hands and both knees down (or on your back). i also dont like stand ups unless the guy on the bottom is the one holding the top guy and stopping them from doing anything.
    its all just opinion, most of you might disagree with and think all i’ve written is utter shite, but that doesnt mean its wrong.

  • drstu says:

    Points should be awarded for dropping the hands to taunt and trash talk during the fight.

  • Screenplaya says:

    Nick, I love your fights, but I am not a big fan of your views on fighting. I didn’t really enjoy Boetsch’s gameplan for Lombard, but I definitely think it won him the fight. I was also no fan of Condit’s gamplan against you, and I thought you won that fight, but there is no denying that Condit’s gameplan gave him the best chance to win.


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