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Seth Petruzelli calls it a career at age 33

Seth Petruzelli calls it a career at age 33

Bellator saw light heavyweight Renato Sobral hang his gloves up for good after a loss earlier this week and now, a few days later, a second 205er from the card has decided to announce his retirement. 33-year old Seth Petruzelli took to Facebook earlier today where he revealed he’d decided to focus his energy on his gym and students from here on out instead of preparing himself for fights.

”I want to thank my family, friends, fiancé and fans for being by my side these past 13 years plus of my MMA career. Every time I fought it was to please and excite you but most of all make you proud of me. Up until a couple years ago it pleased and excited me as well. That is where I went wrong,” explained Petruzelli. “For the past couple years I have been fighting for the wrong reasons. I don’t have the desire or drive to fight like I used to and the past couple fights have shown it. So at this point in my life I would like to officially announce my retirement from the sport of MMA.”

“Competing has been a part of my life since I was six years old, now I would like to put more of an effort into seeing my students/fighters do the same and making my gym grow and flourish,” he concluded. “MMA has taken me around the world, let me meet the best and worst of people and made me feel like the brightest star but also like a black hole at times. ..and I have no regrets because I did it all my way.”

The fun-loving Petruzelli was blasted by Mo Lawal in the first frame of their headlining match-up at Bellator 96. The loss was his second straight by way of strikes. He will exit the sport with a 14-8 mark including twelve TKOs of his own and past wins over Dan Severn, Ricco Rodriguez, and Kimbo Slice.

  • soundspawn says:

    I’ll share a little story in memory of Seth. Leading up to the Shamrock/Slice broadcast I fired up my DVR, because I hate commercials. I patiently waited, played some pc games and generally lounged around, while also flip flopping on who would win the main event. I lost track of time but several hours after the opening credits had aired I remembered “Oh crap I have fights!” I eagerly switched the TV over and hit resume.

    No more than 20 seconds from my pause state I was informed that Shamrock was out and Petruzelli was in. I calmly leaned over toward my wife and said “Well, that sucks. I’d bet everything we have Petruzelli takes him out in the first, but this fight has actually happened by now so I doubt any bookies are interested in my wager…”

    She was clearly happy I missed said opportunity, until about 14 seconds in to the first round when I erupted, possibly as happy Seth had stopped the Kimbob Slicepants” hype train as he was to have won.

    Good luck on your future endeavors Seth, all the best. Now try to stay off Randy’s new Spike show!

  • MCM says:

    That’s great soundspawn. I’ve got a similar story about that night.

    My brother in law and his wife were visiting from out of town and we decided to go out to eat. I mentioned in passing that the fights were on but that I’d catch them online latter. My brother told me he wasn’t into MMA but had read the SI article about Kimbo and was rooting for him. I tried to explain that Kimbo was a side show and not nearly as good as his hype. He explained that for sports fans like him, it’s about the stories of the athletes more than their accomplishments and that by focusing on story lines was how MMA was going to survive. I let that go and we went to dinner.

    He was following the fights on his phone (twitter?) and announced that Ken had been replaced by “some no name guy”. When he told me it was Seth, I said “He’s a two time full contact Karate champ that knocks dudes out moving backwards on one foot (I had seen the Bob Sapp fight.). What idiot put him in the cage with Kimbo?”

    Sure enough, latter on at dinner, my brother announced that Kimbo was KO’d in the first. He than calmly informed me, “There goes that little sport of yours.” I just smiled.

    I personally had Seth winning the fight against King Mo until the KO. I thought he was lighting him up on the feet and was delivering some pretty meaningful strikes from his back. I don’t care what Randy and the rest of Bellator say about Mo, I think he’s gonna get KO’d by Jacob Noe in the first round. I think Petruzelli exposed a lot of holes in his game.

    Good luck to you Seth. If I’m ever in Florida, I’ll swing by and get some FroYo.


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