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Rory MacDonald ready to send Jake Ellenberger “back to reality”

Rory MacDonald ready to send Jake Ellenberger “back to reality”

When the UFC decided to schedule a showdown between welterweights Rory MacDonald (14-1) and Jake Ellenberger (29-6) for UFC on FOX 8 it appeared to be little more than a solid scrap between two of the division’s top stars. However, two months later and it looks like a legitimate rivalry has started to develop.

The heat between the two was turned up this week when an online comment from Ellenberger rubbed MacDonald the wrong way, prompting an angry exchange where both questioned the other’s ability to come out with his hand raised once the cage door closed.

“Which round is Rory getting melted,” asked Ellenberger in a Tweet to fans ultimately resulting in a response from the 23-year old as well.

“For someone with such a week jaw you sure use it a lot to talk sh*t. When you’re done building yourself up I’ll be there to send you back to reality,” replied MacDonald.

Not to be outdone, Ellenberger wrote, “McDummy. Unless you are using a unit of time as an adjective, the word is ‘weak,” not ‘week,’ stupid. Let me proof-read your inane comments from now on, y’idiot.”

Determined to get the last word in, MacDonald pointed to Ellenberger’s comments as little more than an indication of insecurity about emerging victorious on July 27 rather than being motivated by confidence in the fight’s outcome.

“Emotionally struggling knowing inside he is inferior to me. Don’t fool yourself Jacob – correcting internet spelling won’t change your fate,” concluded MacDonald before turning his attention elsewhere.

Despite MacDonald’s assertion about the durability of Ellenberger’s chin, “The Juggernaut” has only been knocked out a single time in 35 fights. Meanwhile, he’s picked up eighteen strike-based stoppages of his own. Interestingly enough, MacDonald has been rendered unconscious once as well, falling to Carlos Condit three years ago in the final ten seconds of a tilt he was undoubtedly winning on the scorecards.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I don’t know something about MacDonald doesn’t have me sold, and rubs me the wrong way, I think Ellenberger can take this.

    Also is MacDonald really Canadian? I’ve never seen Canadian’s talk as much trash as him, usually Canadians are really polite

  • MCM says:

    MacDonald irks me too AO, but I think he pairs up well with Ellenberger. He’s going to have the size advantage and his wrestling, although lacking credentials, is right up there with some of the best at WW. My heart says Ellenberger, my head says it’s a pick ’em fight.

  • jjdnb says:

    Rory has this one unless he gasses out and Ellenberger takes control towards the later rounds…but Jake will be gassed after the first so….Rory by UD

  • Niv says:

    Well guys I’m Canadian and have worked with the public most of my life. Canadians can be as rude as anyone don’t kid yourselves and we can talk shit just like anyone else.

    Yes we try to be polite, but that has been going the way of the Dodo here.

    By the way my money’s on the BC Kid Rory getting it done.


    ellenberger by murder


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