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TUF: Nations announced for early 2014 debut

TUF: Nations announced for early 2014 debut

The UFC doesn’t appear to be backing off their international spin on the Ultimate Fighter, confirming a new season in the works pitting Canada against Australia. Titled TUF: Nations, two squads of welterweight competitors from the respective regions will face off against each other in a tournament with Patrick Cote (19-8) heading the Canadian group and Kyle Noke (20-6-1) leading the Australians.

An official press release confirmed the news earlier today. Tryouts for TUF: Nations will take place in both Sydney and Toronto this summer with the start of 2014 tabbed for the show’s’s debut. As has occurred in the past, Cote-Noke will square off against one another after the season’s conclusion.

It is believed Hector Lombard was initially targeted to coach the Aussies, though Noke’s presence ultimately makes more sense given his heritage.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    seriously, Elvis Sinosic would make more sense. Kyle Noke? purely based in the fact that he’s THE only Aussie fighter not from a previous TUF? choose a different country for fuck sake. part of the beauty of TUF (when it mattered) was the coaches fighting. this isnt main event worthy, nor co main, nor main card. this is free tv prelim level

  • MCM says:

    I liked the Lombard/Cote fight much better. But I haven’t seen a single one of the international shows outside the finales, so I don’t care that much. That’s some serious love for Noke though considering he was fighting for his job last time he fought.


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