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GSP-Johny Hendricks on tap for October

GSP-Johny Hendricks on tap for October

Barring an unforeseen setback such as an injury, it appears UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre will put his gold up for grabs against top contender Johny Hendricks in October. However, no specific date or location has been attached to the tilt.

Organization head Dana White confirmed the targeted timeframe with UFC Central.

Based on White’s expectations, the outing will almost certainly mark the first title-defense for GSP outside of his native Canada since March 2010 when he beat Dan Hardy. Since then the 24-2 superstar has racked up four victories, beating Josh Koscheck, Jake Shields, Carlos Condit, and most recently Nick Diaz.

Hendricks holds an overall record of 15-1 including success against Condit, Jon Fitch, and Martin Kampmann. Eight of his wins have come as the result of a strike-based stoppage.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    never put money against Georges so far, but i will be putting a mint on Johny Hendricks for this fight

  • MCM says:

    Read my article, did ya? 😉

    I still won’t bet against GSP. I’ve done it twice before and every time he goes in and makes the other guy look like a complete novice. I also don’t think Johny has what it takes to beat him. Hendricks didn’t have what it took to beat Fitch either, though. so…….?

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Hendricks is a great fighter sure but he Barley got by Kos and Pierce, looked not good at all vs Condit and Gsp had his way with two of them. I see Hendricks as a threat but by no means should we belive GSP is looking at the biggest threat of his career. Thisgo Alves has way better striking and much more in the way of weapons, Hendricks like Kos has one big punch. GSP should be able to finish this one and move on to a superfight.


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