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Quinton Jackson: “I don’t think I’m doing tournaments, but I’m a team player.”

Quinton Jackson: “I don’t think I’m doing tournaments, but I’m a team player.”

Light heavyweight Quinton Jackson is easily the biggest free agent Bellator has ever brought on board. However, considering he has fought on three occasions in the last two years, the prospect of “Rampage” taking to the cage an equal number of times in three months for a Bellator tournament seems pretty far-fetched.

Jackson confirmed the chance of being part of the company’s trademark title-structure was slim in a recent interview with The MMA Hour, though he didn’t entirely write off the possibility.

“I’m not looking forward to tournaments,” said Jackson of his recent agreement with Bellator, adding, “I don’t think I’m doing tournaments, but I’m a team player. If they think having me do a tournament will help with ratings, I’ll do a tournament.”

While he may never compete for a Bellator championship, the 34-year old former UFC champion is simply satisfied to be part of an organization he feels has his best interests at heart as well as those of MMA in general.

“I’m in a lot better place. It’s hard to explain. When you’re sweating tears and they won’t let you have sponsors, they tax the sponsors, you want to make a movie, The A-Team, a lot of people were up for that role, I felt like I was trying to further my career. You can’t fight forever. I took a lot of heat for that,” explained Jackson. “The UFC didn’t see the big picture. Bellator said, ‘We’ll get you movies. We’ll get you sponsors. It’s better for the brand and it’s better for the sport.’”

Jackson concluded the conversation by saying he was working on improving both his skills as a Mixed Martial Artist and a professional wrestler. No specific date has been linked to his Bellator debut though it is expected to occur this fall when Season 9 fires up on Spike TV.

  • darth_irritable says:

    Jackon’s a team player alright, just like I’m a small Nigerian girl called Mathilda.

    Also, I have a large insurance payout from my dead father I need help to get out of the country.

  • MCM says:

    I’ll help you Mathilda.

    I also kinda like the idea of Bellator being the home for retired UFC fighters. I thought they were doing just fine building up their own stars but if they want to be a place where superstars on the downside of their careers go to get a few more fights, I’m cool with that too. Do you think they’re gonna pull Randy out for one last hurrah against Rampage?

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Rampage dont want tournys because he would have to stay in shape if he wins.

  • waitetr says:

    Yea but if he goes HW then probably not as big a deal though he seems to have been a bit injury prone as of late.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    The A-Team comment annoys me, they didn’t get pissed because he wanted to go do the movie, they got pissed because he signed a contract 3 months before agreeing to the movie that he would fight Rashad, and then let them know not very long before the fight happened, that he wouldn’t be doing it because of a movie.


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