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Quinton Jackson: “I’m thinking about going to heavyweight…”

Quinton Jackson: “I’m thinking about going to heavyweight…”

Light heavyweight Quinton Jackson will have to get used to a new set of surroundings in Bellator after fighting under the UFC banner for the last six years. And, as it turns out, he may need to adjust to a new division as well. However, don’t expect either change to bother Jackson.

“I’m not gonna lie. I lost a lot of love for MMA when I was back in the UFC. This new deal, it’s got me so excited. It brought the love back,” said Jackson in a conference call with media captured by MMAWeekly. “I finally got the love back and I’m thinking about going to heavyweight because I’m older now.”

When asked to explain his interest in competing as an undersized heavyweight, “Rampage” pointed at the speed advantage it would give him rather than his reputation for avoiding the gym when he’s not preparing for a bout.

“I think heavyweight would be a good move because I like the big guys. I think I’d be faster than them,” offered Jackson. “I don’t mind trying to knock out some big guys.”

Though Jackson appears to have the power to live up to his promise, his performance as of late hasn’t lived up to the billing. The 34-year old has not knocked an opponent out since stopping Wanderlei Silva with strikes in 2008. He is 3-4 in the span since with decision wins over Keith Jardine, Matt Hamill, and Lyoto Machida.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    In other words he doesnt wanna train. I hope they take him down time after time.

  • waitetr says:

    I don’t know maybe its he doesn’t want to cut weight anymore. I know he’s always had a motivation problem but if I understand he drops from around 240 to get to LHW. That’s quite a jump. Honestly I don’t think Rampage will do much better in Bellator mainly because I think he’s just seeking some big paydays before riding off in the sunset…just don’t think he really has it in him to fight anymore

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Gone is the rampage that was the first one to destroy chuck

  • AlphaOmega says:

    You know what’d be funny, if Rampage did move of to HW, and his first fight was against Schooner, if he still fights, and Rampage just got demolished.


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