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UFC easing up on marijuana metabolite levels

UFC easing up on marijuana metabolite levels

As UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner recently said to a group of experts on the Nevada Athletic Commission’s advisory panel regarding drug use, “Times are changing.” In conjunction with growing public acceptance of marijuana, the UFC has decided to soften its stance on fighters who smoke pot by increasing the allowable level of metabolites in a significant way.

“When we self-regulate around the world, we are going to go the WADA standard of 150 ng/mL. So we’re starting that immediately,” said Ratner in a conversation with the board captured by MMAJunkie.

Previously 50 ng/mL was the mark.

Ratner also went on to say Brazil’s athletic commission was making a similar change with things starting as soon as next week’s lineup for UFC on Fuel 10. According to the report, officials and medical professionals on the NAC panel seemed to embrace the UFC’s new policy and would consider it as well when addressing matters on an official level later this summer.


    sounds about right-legalize it completely-if cigarettes and alcohol are legal-it’s a no brainer

  • THEGUNNER says:

    They wont legalize it because they cant control it.


    i would have to say that alcohol and cigarettes are completely out of control-cigarrette related deaths are outnumbering prescription pills suicides homicides crack and all the rest of the hard drugs by a large margin combined,,,,,makes you wonder whats really going on

  • Dufresne says:

    makes you wonder whats really going on
    $15,500,000,000 of yearly tax revenue with a ton of lobbying money going into election campaigns for most folks in congress is what’s going on. That, and they know there’s no way in hell they’d ever manage to stop cigarettes now even if they wanted to.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Finally, my favourite fighter , STY( Stoned Year ‘Round) Drunken Doug Saanich has a potential future in the UFC!

    You heard it here furst!


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