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Roy Nelson using bonus money to improve his abilities

Roy Nelson using bonus money to improve his abilities

UFC heavyweight Roy Nelson has been the recipient of three performance-related bonuses in his last four fights. Rather than take the money and splurge on a vacation or new car, “Big Country” has decided to invest it in a property he feels is on the rise and not necessarily one on the market.

During a recent conversation with Inside MMA, Nelson explained he’d used some of his winnings to improve the quality of his training partners.

“I’ve taken that money that I’ve earned with these bonuses and re-invested in myself,” said Nelson before mentioning names like Jeff Mayweather and Muhammed Lawal.

Nelson has emerged triumphant in a trio of tilts with all of the wins featuring a first round knockout. With a title-shot in his sights, the 36-year old is looking to earn an opportunity at being crowned the division’s best.

“My biggest focus is Cain Velasquez and Antonio Silva. I’m eying that gold, but I’m always down to fight anybody,” explained Nelson, also pointing to Daniel Cormier as a potential opponent.

The 19-7 Nelson has scored seventeen stoppages in his career including twelve TKOs despite being a grappler by trade. In addition to Kongo the Buddha-bellied brawlier has beaten the likes of Stefan Struve, Matt Mitrione, and Brendan Schaub.

The feature on Nelson can be seen below:

  • MickeyC says:

    Ive always likes Roy. As a man with a bit of a ‘moon’ myself, Ive always been a fan. I.dig watching him fight. But I just do not see him with UFC gold. Great gate keeper and a hell of a fighter but I just do not see it happening.

  • MCM says:

    I’ve said it before, Roy Nelson is by far one of my favorite fighters and one of the reasons I got into MMA. I will always route for him, no matter what. But MickeyC is right. I don’t see him ever wining UFC gold…… UNLESS he drops the weight. Big Country has one of the slickest BJJ games in MMA BUT he physically can’t use it due to his belly. It’s not the he doesn’t posses the skill set, he can’t get his legs around that gutto use his BJJ properly. IF he were to drop down to 205 (or 185 where he should be) he would be faster, more maneuverable, and still possess KO power and could truly contend for the belt.
    But he won’t, and as it stands, he’ll never be anything more than a guy that breaks into the top 10 but can’t earn his way to the top.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I can’t think of a fight Roy’s been in where I wasn’t rooting for him. He’s a very likeable dude and entertaining fighter to watch perform.

    But yeah…with Roy it’ll always be a question of what might have been. Even if he had the discipline to get to 205 in a healthy manner–which I don’t believe he’s ever possessed–it’s just too late for that to happen. Dude turns 37 years old next month and he’s just not going to transform himself in the twilight of his career and start beating top LHW fighters. Forget about UFC gold, the dude is still looking for his first win against a top-10 ranked opponent.

    Not trying to bash ol’ Roy here; just calling it like I see it. I’ll look at the bright side… a dude with questionable training methods, who never committed to tapping into his full physical potential, has spent nearly a full decade as a pro fighter with the latter half coming in the UFC at the height of its popularity, making significant money along the way. All in all, pretty damn good.


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