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Vitor Belfort: “It doesn’t matter what I do – I win…I always win.”

Vitor Belfort: “It doesn’t matter what I do – I win…I always win.”

UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort is a veteran of the game and understands how important a healthy mental approach is to success in the cage. Though Belfort has lost ten times in his career, the former champion doesn’t dwell on past defeats. Instead, he only focuses on his future endeavors and as a result he feels relatively invincible.

“Not taking anything away from the situation but how I approach the situation is key,” explained the 36-year old in a recent feature from the UFC. “I’m approaching this fight with a winning mentality, a winning attitude, a winning motivation. So I’m a winner. It doesn’t matter what I do – I win…I always win.”

By “this fight”, Belfort is referring to his May 18 match-up with Luke Rockhold at UFC on FX 8. To help prepare for the danger posed by Rockhold, “The Phenom” is working alongside the Blackzilians as he has for his past few fights. Though the group has received criticism from some based on production (or lack thereof), Belfort still believes he couldn’t ask for a better squad to work with.

“If you try and keep a seed, it’s just a seed. But if you find good soil and you plant it, then for sure that seed is gonna produce many fruits,” said Belfort. “So I’ve surrounded myself with a great team.”

The 22-10 Belfort has won three straight at 185 pounds and could earn a title-shot if he beats Rockhold.

The full piece with Belfort can be seen below:

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Well he doesn’t always win, he’s lost 10 times

  • Screenplaya says:

    I definitely hope Belfort handles Rockhold and gets another shot at Anderson. I think now that Vitor represents a truly legitimate threat to Silva. He arm-barred Bones, after all, and I am guessing he won’t get facekicked in a rematch with The Spider.

  • climbarock says:

    I hope Rockhold KTFO’s this ‘roid head.


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