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Duane Ludwig admits marijuana helps him gameplan for Team Alpha Male

Duane Ludwig admits marijuana helps him gameplan for Team Alpha Male

Team Alpha Male stock has never been as high as it is now…literally. The gym, known for a collection of exceptional competitors under 155 pounds, has been smoking opponents in the Octagon up as of late with a number of high profile wins over the past few months featuring some form of finish.

One of the driving forces behind the squad’s success has been coach Duane Ludwig who was recently named to the position and has clearly tightened up the team’s striking as evident from their recent run of victories. Interestingly enough, as Ludwig recently admitted in an interview with MMAMania, “Bang” is in part getting his strategy from watching film while under the influence of marijuana.

“It’s freakin legal. Let me address this issue. When I watch film, I watch film normal how I am now. Then I watch film when I’m high on marijuana. I also watch the film again when I have Alpha Brain in my system,” said Ludwig, also referring to a supplement aimed at increasing mental drive/focus. “I watch film from three different states of consciousness just to get different looks at things. Just to see if maybe I missed a step or a nice little detail just to get different looks on things. I take this serious as hell.”

While it may not have a definitive effect on performance, clearly Ludwig’s strategy has been working as of late. Team Alpha Male head Urijah Faber is coming off a submission win over Scott Jorgensen at the Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale, while staples T.J. Dillashaw, Joseph Benavidez, and Chad Mendes all picked up knockouts at UFC on FOX 7.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i recall reading some years ago that the increased flow of blood to the eyes actually improves vision or enables you to see with more clarity.
    something along those lines, i’d have to look it up. it was an MMA based article about whether weed assists performance.

    shit makes movies more enjoyable, if it really helps him good for him

  • redwire says:

    Watch the film level. Then on weed. Then on Alpha Brain? He’s got a system going on, don’t he?

    I predict in 5 years, this will be the standard way to watch Joe Rogan’s podcasts.


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