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Vitor Belfort: “TRT doesn’t win fights.”

Vitor-Belfort - MMAWEEKLYUFC middleweight Vitor Belfort has been a chief target when it comes to those critical of testosterone replacement therapy. The 36-year old subscribes to the controversial practice despite having been popped in the past for performance enhancing drugs, leading many fans (and fighters) to point to “The Phenom” of an example of what’s wrong with MMA.

Belfort addressed the matter this week on The MMA Hour where his annoyance was evident.

“Everything is normal. My ranges are even lower than the normal. I did everything I should do,” said Belfort of his frustration. “Why don’t we talk about people that do TRT and they lose in the first round? Because, you know, TRT doesn’t win fights, man. It doesn’t win fights. Look at Chael Sonnen. He’s on TRT and he lost fights in the first, second round. It’s not going to win fights. You’ve got to have skills to win fights.”

“A lot of guys are on it,” he continued. “I think they should release everyone who’s on it, because that would bring more legitimacy to the sport and the UFC doing the right thing and testing people. I think we’re on the right path, and if you lose, just accept it, man. Everyone has an excuse.”

The 22-10 Belfort’s next match-up is set to take place in a matter of weeks at UFC on FX 8 where he’ll face Luke Rockhold. Like others, Rockhold has had harsh words for Belfort based on TRT use, adding another intriguing dynamic to an already interesting bout.


  • darth_irritable says:

    This is correct.

    Punches to the back of the head win fights.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Wait.. So Belfort want’s the UFC to release everyone who’s on TRT? He does realize that would mean he gets released right? It is 2 am so tell me if I’m reading that wrong.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    “Everything is normal. My ranges are even lower than the normal. I did everything I should do,”

    so is he saying he isnt taking TRT and his levels are normal, or is he saying he has got his cycle spot on and his levels are now normal?

  • sdouglasmc says:

    I have no idea what he is trying to say. If it doesn’t help, why do it?

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Alpha I think what vitor was trying to say the UFC should release the names of every fighter that’s on TRT. That would make more sense to Vitor’s point that guys that are on TRT also lose fights like henderson.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Maybe the UFC should just add a trailer any time they print the name of a known TRT user, eg.

    Main Event

    Luke Rockhold(185 lbs.) vs Vitor Belfort(TRT)(185 lbs.)

  • MCM says:

    So… mention of the fact that Nevada won’t sanction HIS TRT use because it’s do to previous Steroid usage. How bout the fact that men that really do have low testosterone, never make it into professional sports because their bodies simply can’t compete.

    I know people love Vitor, but the guy has a long history of cheating and for him to get pissed about it now that he’s being called out hypocritical to say the least.


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