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Junior dos Santos: “I think I’m faster than Mark Hunt and I’m gonna use that to punch him a lot.”

UFC 160 PosterThe odds of the upcoming heavyweight fight between Junior dos Santos and Mark Hunt not featuring a solid dose of stand-up are on par with the likelihood of Arianny Celeste prancing around the Octagon at UFC 160 in a beekeeper’s suit. Both men might have other skill-sets but make their living as strikers, possessing seventeen strike-based stoppages between them in 24 total wins. As such, chances are the man with the superior technique will emerge with a win in tow, maybe even a title-shot.

Dos Santos spoke about how his abilities match up with Hunt’s in a recent interview with the UFC, saying he has at least one distinct advantage over the heavy-handed Kiwi.

“I think I’m faster than Mark Hunt and I’m gonna use that to punch him a lot,” said Dos Santos in an extended preview for their May 25 tilt. “Hunt has four wins, one after the other, but now I’m gonna stop him. It’s over for him.”

Hunt’s only knockout loss in MMA was the result of an eighteen-second smashing by Melvin Manhoef in 2008. Comparably, Dos Santos has never been rendered defenseless from strikes and was able to go five rounds with champion Cain Velasquez despite being drummed early and often.

The full UFC 160 preview, including segments with Hunt, Velasquez-Antonio Silva, and Glover Teixeira-James Te Huna can be seen below:


  • AlphaOmega says:

    I thought Hunt was on a 5 fight win streak? I think JDS takes this, I see him being able to avoid Hunt’s power for most of the fight, and putting him away in the 3rd when Hunt is gassed.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Nope, just four (Tuchsherer, Rothwell, Kongo, and Struve). He lost to McCorkle in his first UFC fight.

  • MCM says:

    I think JDS can take the Dec. no problem, but I’m not sure he can put Hunt away. Especially in the later rounds. I think the only way he KO’s Hunt is by catching him when he rushes in the way Manhoef did. BUT, if this fight goes to the ground, especially in the later rounds, I think JDS has a better than great chance of locking up a sub for the win.

    ‘Course, all this presumes that JDS doesn’t get clipped by Hunt at any point in the fight. And if Cain (who has next to no power compared to other HW’s) can wobble JDS, then one punch from Mark Hunt can shut Juniors lights out for days.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    LOL @ cain having no power compared to other HW’s, lol at the fact that you think any 240 lb + MMA fighter has no power in their hands, when you say stuff like that its hard to take you seriously MCM

    iirc cain dropped JDS with a punch and JDS is known to have a very solid chin, absorbing strikes from CC and Carwin

  • MCM says:

    I didn’t say Cain had NO power, I said he has next to no power compared to other HW’s. Of course a 240lb professional fighter has power. Physics alone dictate that the more massive the object the hard it’s going to land. But some big guys have more power than others.

    Much like Jon Jones, Cain hurts guys with an accumulation of strikes, he doesn’t possess that 1 punch knock out power like Hunt, JDS, Big Country, Overeem, Big Foot, Carwin or a ton of other HW’s. He dropped JDS not after one punch but after several flurries. It’s not a knock on Cain to say he doesn’t have power COMPARED to other HW’s cause he’s not a one punch fighter (like Hunt or Big Country). He’s swarms his opponents and dominates them with multiple strikes. If someone like Mark Hunt of Shane Carwin landed with the amount, speed and ferocity of Cain, there would have been deaths in the Octagon.

    I don’t think it’s unfair to say that 10 of Cains punches are the equivalent of 1 of Mark Hunts. And the fact that JDS got wobbled and dropped by 10 of Cains shows that his chin is NOT made of iron or granite and that he can be KO’d. And that’s Hunts ONLY path to victory in this fight.

  • MCM says:

    OK, NOT Carwin cause he just announced his retirement.


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