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Daniel Cormier fighting at heavyweight…for now

Daniel-Cormier - MMAWEEKLY2Undersized UFC heavyweight Daniel Cormier has made a decision on his immediate future when it comes to staking a divisional claim. Though the 5’11 fighter has considered dropping down to 205 pounds for a long time, the wait before doing so will be a little longer, as Cormier recently revealed the move would be too drastic to make without additional dieting.

“I always thought if I were to go down, I would need a lot of time to do it. I think that still applies, but I would like to still fight,” explained Cormier in a conversation with Bleacher Report. “At the end of the day I can’t cut massive amounts of weight. That’s well-documented from my problems in the Olympic games. But I can diet, and when I’m dieting I can still fight. Can I fight at 205? No. Because it’s too much weight to cut in a short period of time. But could I fight a heavyweight fight and just be a little lighter? I think so.”

As far as who Cormier wants to face in his next (and possibly final) heavyweight appearance, the 12-0 contender had a list of qualifications to offer rather than a specific name.

“I think any fight that involves someone on that higher rank makes sense. Any of the higher-ranked guys make sense. Also a guy that’s coming off a win. It’s very important if you look at the UFC matchmaking that’s how it goes,” said Cormier. “Two guys coming off wins make fights. I think any fight with a guy that’s ranked high and advances my career makes sense. I just want to fight big fights.”

Cormier is coming off a win over Frank Mir in his initial Octagon outing. He also owns past wins over opponents including Jeff Monson, Antonio Silva, and Josh Barnett.


  • MCM says:

    If he doesn’t fight Big Country (which is the most logical paring) the only other HW that I can think of that isn’t booked is Travis Browne. Hunt’s fighting JDS, Werdum/Big Nog, Mir and Overeem just lost (good next paring?), and Cain has Bigfoot. The only guys left at the top are Big Country and Travis Browne.

    I know the HW division is still really thin, but I think there is a lot of potential still in the division. Stipe Miocic is green but still has potential, Stefan Struve is still in it, guys like Del Rosario, Sao Palelei, and Todd Duffee all have the skills to make for a very interesting Division in a couple years. And what’s happening with Shane Carwin? The UFC could do with 5-10 more guys in the division as a whole but the guys that are in it now make arguably the most impressive HW division in MMA history.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Carwin was done years ago, when his back/neck gave out (combined with his age).

    I like Duffee but Reem ragdolled him at the Dream NYE event a couple years ago. I think he’s quality filler for the UFC but not top shelf material.

    Stipe got worked by Struve, and Struve is very good but can’t seem to beat top competition.

    Del Rosario has been a complete bust.

    Werdum is getting old and really hasn’t done much for a couple of years now. He needs to beat Nog and start getting busy after that.

    Nog hasn’t won back-to-back fights in over 5 years.

    Mir is overrated and won’t beat guys above Kongo level.

    Hunt has had a fun late resurgence but–let’s be real–is going to get thumped by JDS with much quicker striking.

    The HW division is still incredibly thin, especially at the top. Cain is the cream of the crop, destroying everyone put in his path when he’s healthy. If the rubber match between Cain-JDS happens hopefully it will be entertaining. Otherwise there’s not much going on with the HW division, as usual.


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