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Bellator considering four-man tournaments as the norm

Bellator 96 PosterOne of the few criticisms fans have had regarding Bellator relates to the company’s handling of championships. In numerous instances, the fighters holding divisional gold have either been left inactive based on a lack of challengers or been forced to face foes in non-title bouts. It’s an unfortunate aspect of current operations CEO Bjorn Rebney is well-aware of and, as it turns out, one he’s contemplating changing in the coming months.

Rebney recently spoke to MMAJunkie about Summer Series 2013 featuring four-man tournaments in comparison to the standard eight-man affairs, stating the same format could be applied to their spring/fall offerings as well.

“There’s no hard and fast (rule). They can potentially take place in the regular season, as well,” said Rebney. “It’s all about trying to figure out how to get more world-title shots set up for the guys, so that at minimum our guys are defending the titles three times a year – which is where we want to be.”

“This is about ensuring that, whether it’s going to be Emanuel Newton or Attila Vegh defending that title, you’ve got a guy lined up. As soon as whoever wins that fight is done, you’ve got another fight lined up and you’re ready to go,” he concluded. “It’s about working through those different movements of the company to get it to where every facet of it is working perfectly – and we’re getting close.”

Summer Series 2013 is scheduled to host a light heavyweight tournament featuring Renato Sobral, Jacob Noe, Seth Petruzelli, and Mo Lawal, as well as bantamweight and heavyweight brackets aimed at determining a top contender in the respective divisions.


  • hindsightufuk says:

    i dont particularly like the 4 man tournie format, for starters it seems like an easy way for Bellator brass to get the people they want in the finals, such as the latest LHW tournie, King Mo and Babalu are gifted low level fighters to make their way to the final, and then a high profile fighter will get a title shot after that. fair enough if its just an in between season filler as it currentley is, but to make it the norm would take so much away from what Bellator really is. one fight and then your in the final? pointless. and would it be the same prize money for winning two fights?
    Bellator isnt broke, do not fuck with it

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I don’t disagree with that, but the “one fight and you’re in the final” approach is still one extra fight above the UFC’s Chael Sonnen standards.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I just want to point something out, it’s amusing Richard that you say people need to stop criticism and pot shots about one fighter, then turn around and do it to a fighter in another article, when that article says nothing about that fighter.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Ok bud… but I never suggested fighters are above criticism. Some criticism is fair/deserved, and some amounts to silly potshots.


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