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Rich Franklin planning to fight at least one more time before exploring retirement

Rich-Franklin - MMAWEEKLYUFC icon Rich Franklin has been a team player for a long time, taking any fight thrown his way even if it meant meeting at a catch-weight or changing divisions to create more interesting options. It looks like “Ace” is also approaching his future in the Octagon the same way, recently stating he intends to complete his contract before considering retirement.

The 38-year old Franklin spoke to The MMA Hour this week where he told fans they can expect to see him in action at least one more time before he trades in his trademark pink/brown trunks for good.

“I have at least one more fight, possibly two more fights on my contract. I always said I would definitely fulfill my contract so I at least have that much,” Franklin explained, adding that he was aiming for a return to the ring later this year.

Franklin hasn’t fought since being flattened by Cung Le in November. The 29-7 former champion has alternated between winning/losing over his last eight efforts with instances of success against Matt Hamill, Wanderlei Silva, and Chuck Liddell.


  • Creature says:

    Ive always wanted to see Ace fight Bisping, hopefully he gets to before he retires.

  • Angry Mike says:

    When I first became aware of MMA, Franklin was the dominant champ at 185, and I’ve always liked him as a fighter and representative of the sport. He has always been articulate and professional, and contradicted the stereotype of MMA fighters as animals or thugs. The perception of fighters as world class athletes is due in substantial part to guys like Franklin.

    And I’d love to seem him ko Bisping before he hangs it up, but it’d kill me to see him lose to that wanker.

  • adamsfamily says:

    Same here, we used to get old UFC events on Bravo channel in 2004/5 and rich came to my attention when he stuffed ken shamrock. My then girlfriend liked watching the early ultimate fighters and became a fan of rich when he duped Matt Hughes guys into doing that wrestling challenge until both guys were exhausted (Jo daddy and mike whitehead?)

    However when Anderson butchered him in the first match up she stopped watching live fights with me. Couldn’t bare to see a favourite fighter not only lose but get really hurt.

    I think he and bisping would be a great fight to watch though I think mike would win.

  • MCM says:

    When Rich left MW it was a waste land. He had to move up because he was so much better than all the guys not named Anderson that there was no point in having his stick around and knock off contenders. If I recall, this was before Bisping dropped to MW and before Chael came into the UFC, even before Maia made his run in the division. I wanted to see Rich back at MW a few years ago since the division improved and I’m glad he’s sticking around a bit longer. He really was one of the best “faces” for post Zuffa MMA.

    side note:

    I heard they were looking at making a movie of his life and actually getting Jim Carry to play him. any truth to that?


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