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Benson Henderson: “I guess I’m supposed to apologize that I’m no Anderson Silva or B.J. Penn.”

Benson-Henderson-vs-Frankie-Edgar - MMAWEEKLYLast weekend, UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson maintained his perfect record inside the Octagon by beating Gilbert Melendez at UFC on FOX 7. While his 7-0 mark is certainly impressive, the victory also represented his seventh win by way of decision. Henderson’s failure to finish an opponent under the UFC’s banner has created critics who expect dominance from the men wearing Zuffa gold.

Henderson took time this week to respond to people questioning his ability by agreeing with them…sort of. Essentially, the 29-year old knows he hasn’t reached his full potential yet but won’t be apologizing for being the division’s top dog.

“I know I’m not the best (yet, ;-D). I was never the fastest, or strongest, or most athletic, or most technical or anything like that. Go ahead and ask any of my high school or college wrestling coaches. I was never picked first in dodgeball or basketball or soccer or football games growing up but one thing I always had was the will power and determination to NEVER give up; to not be afraid to open up my heart and give all of myself to not hold anything back for the swim back to shore,” wrote Henderson on his Facebook page.

I guess I’m supposed to apologize that I’m no Anderson Silva or B.J.Penn. Who is? I’m just that kid who would never stop, the kid whose older brother’s friends used to beat in ten games of basketball (in a row) but would be pushing for the eleventh game, yeah that’s me. And just like back then I’m not going ANYWHERE. You want my belt, you’re gonna have to pry it from my cold fingers,” he continued, concluding, “No, I’m not the best but guess what, I’ve got the UFC LW belt and I’m just getting started. I’m getting better every single day…think about that, let that sink in.”

The 19-2 Henderson finished all four of the opponents he beat in WEC before joining the UFC’s roster including Shane Roller, Anthony Njokuani, Jamie Varner, and Donald Cerrone. For the record, “Bendo” has submitted eight opponents and also owns two TKOs.


  • THEGUNNER says:

    Petties will take his belt if they fight

  • Angry Mike says:

    A long time ago one of my coaches told me that lots of athletes have the wish to win, but only a few have the will to win. Henderson has the will to win by doing what’s necessary. BJ probably had more raw talent, but he didn’t push himself as hard as he should have, and more motivated fighters passed him by.

  • It sucks that he’s not gettin all the finishes, but IMO all the fights he have been in in the UFC have been more exciting than all of GSPs recent wins.(and I dont mean that as a knock on gsp just part of the following opinion) I would rather see Ben eek out competitive hard fought exciting split decisions, than watch a dominant grappler hold his opponent down and not do much with him.

  • MCM says:

    I think that’s why Bendo doesn’t get the hate that GSP does, superdave. Bendo looks beatable, and puts on competitive fights. GSP just dominates from pillar to post to the point that half way through round 1 you know exactly how the next 22.5 minutes are going to unfold. There’s no drama in it. Hendersons fights are exciting cause he might actually lose the belt with every title defense.


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