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UFC on FOX 7 Bonuses: Josh Thomson takes home Knockout of the Night

UFC on FOX 7 PosterEntering this evening, UFC lightweight Nate Diaz had fought 24 times and never been stopped by strikes. However, Strikeforce transport Josh Thomson ended that streak at UFC on FOX 7 with a second stanza TKO of the Stockton product. Thomson’s finish came after landing a well-timed kick and following up the damage with strikes, handing him a victory and Knockout of the Night honors.

The performance netted “The Punk” an extra $50,000 on top of his regularly contracted rate.

However, Thomson wasn’t alone in his honors, as Yoel Romero also picked up $50,000 for a second Knockout of the Night thanks to a beautiful flying knee and the lack of a submission finish on the lineup. Like Thomson, Romero was showcasing his skills in the Octagon after a stint in Strikeforce.

Finally, Matt Brown and Jordan Mein picked up Fight of the Night with a two-round war to open up the main card. Mein hurt Brown in the opening round but succumbed to strikes after being peppered a minute into the second round. The victory was Brown’s fifth in a row. Each man scored an extra $50,000 for the distinction.


  • That was the perfect card for my first live ufc experience! Really sucked watching Nate get ko’d but its good to see The Punk back in the hunt for a title.
    Cormier was disappointing, maybe it was nerves or the famed octagon jitters, but either way Im not convinced he’d beat Jones when he drops down. Time will tell. Ben vs Gil is the new rivalry, mark my words.
    Epic show( with a few minor exceptions), so happy I went but now I have to listen to my wife whine about Mir losing. Damn.

  • Screenplaya says:

    Things I learned while watching this card:

    – Matt Brown remains among my favorite fighters to watch. I think Brown versus Nick Diaz would be a barn-burner
    – Don’t take advice on how the fight is going from your semi-retarded training partner. Jake Shields repeatedly telling Melendez he was ahead, was not helpful.
    – Don’t assume that you have some sort of magic skull just because you took a head kick. That second head kick from Thomson taught me (and, more importantly, Nate) that lesson.
    – Mir needs to either learn how to execute a game plan, or hang up the gloves.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Brown is a stud. And yeah, add him to the list of guys like Kampmann, Lawler, etc. that would make for a good pairing with Nick Diaz for a fight guaranteed to deliver exciting action.

    Not sure if Jake repeatedly telling Gil he was ahead affected his aggression/performance but you’d think it could–subconsciously at least–have that type of effect. Same thing happened with Nick Diaz when he fought Condit.

    I think Mir’s problem is that he’s just not very good. The only impressive thing he’s done the past few years is absorb a beating from Nog before rallying for a Hail Mary submission victory. The same Nog who hasn’t won back-to-back fights in the past 5+ years. Again, these dudes just aren’t very good anymore. Fortunately for them they’re in the HW division where the ice beneath them is plenty thick.

    Myles Jury remains on fire and seems likely to make a rapid ascent up the LW rankings, a la TJ Grant. Obviously the big question will be whether these guys can hang with the top guys. I don’t expect Grant to be able to get by Maynard but we shall see.

  • MCM says:

    Gotta agree with all of these.

    – I don’t think Jordan Mein’s stock should drop too much as he took the fight on short notice, but Matt Brown’s stock definitely rose. Brown’s submission defense is still suspect, but if they are gonna keep him against strikers, I’d like to see him fight Thiago Alves next.

    – I was screaming at my TV when Thompson KO’d Diaz. Any word on whether Diaz is really going to 170 or is he gonna call it quits like his bother?

    – I know a lot of folks thought Gil won that fight, but outside of round 1 and possibly round 4, I gave Bendo the rounds pretty handily. Bendo also needs to listen to his corner more, he could have snapped Gils leg if he didn’t give up on leg kicks in the last couple rounds.

    – The only bad call from the judges was the Larkin/Carmont fight. That was a straight up robbery from Larkin.

    – Cormier did what he had to in that fight and it worked. You can’t fault him for a smart game plan. Mir can still beat more than half the HW division, but he’s not going to be contending for the title anytime soon. Money fights or the announcers booth for Mir.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    It’s kinda funny MCM that ATT out game planned Greg Jackson’s in that Mir/Cormier fight

  • MCM says:

    I don’t know if they out game planned him since Mir didn’t listen to his corner. But they didn’t seem to have an answer for getting out of the clinch.

  • I agree Larkin got.robbed.
    One last thing. I wish everyone would stop making Nate seem like the ass Nick is. Nate talks trash as a battle tactic( sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt) but he never goes off about “unfair” judging or how everyone is out to get him. If he would just sure up his defenses wrestling and boxing defense he’d do alot better.
    Sometimes it seems like people forget they are a little different.


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