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Gabriel Gonzaga’s camp protesting Travis Browne’s triumph

Travis Browne - MMAWEEKLYGoing into the Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale, UFC heavyweight Gabriel Gonzaga had been stopped with strikes five of the six times he’d fallen in his career. However, last weekend’s knockout loss to Travis Browne was different than any he’d experienced before. Browne’s finish came after delivering a series of devastating elbows to Gonzaga’s head during a takedown attempt against the fence. Though unique in nature, it wasn’t the manner in which Browne finished Gonzaga standing out in the Brazilian’s mind – it was the legality involved (or lack thereof in his opinion).

Manager Marco Alvan recently went on Facebook where he announced plans to appeal the rumble’s result based on the number of elbows Browne landed to the back of Gonzaga’s head and neck.

“I need to review it to count how many illegal elbows but it’s a fact that it was illegal. I contacted Keith Kizer head of Nevada Athletic Commission and he told me to file a complaint and he would review it. I truly believe it was illegal. I never complain about losses – anyone who knows me knows that I handle it good – but illegal we can not accept,” wrote Alvan. “We appeal to the Nevada State Athletic Commission because we think there were the illegal elbows to his neck. Before we have accepted any defeat, but this was illegal. This video is clear about the elbow.”

“I hope the commission looks it carefully and makes a correct decision about it. We respect Travis and his camp but it was a sad night. We hope this result can be fixed and get a new fight between them,” he concluded.

Replay of the knockout certainly supports Alvan’s claim, while UFC President Dana White has gone on record saying some of the shots were to the back of Gonzaga’s head but only came after “Napao” was already out cold from legal strikes.

Highlights from the fight can be seen below including the finish in question:


  • Angry Mike says:

    I saw one elbow that looked like it was to the back of the head, but it wasn’t one of the first few that landed. Gonzaga was already done at that point.

  • MCM says:

    The purpose of making a strike illegal is to prevent fighters from INTENTIONALLY delivering unnecessary damage to their opponents. Travis Browns strikes were thrown Legally. Only one of them landed illegally after Gonzaga turned his head while dropping. The fact that the entire sequence took less than 2 seconds also indicates the shot was unintentional.

  • MCM says:

    lotta complainers on this card.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Completely agree with you guys… simply put, the outcome of that fight was not at all affected by an illegal strike.

    Gabe seems like a good dude, hasn’t done anything silly inside & out of the cage to draw criticism… but he’s simply not a top level fighter.

    First the good. Gonzaga had the big moment on the UFC stage when he beat Cro Cop at his own game by KO’ing him with a devastating head kick. And although Cro Cop had a very disappointing UFC run, he entered the fight against Gonzaga on a 5-fight winning streak that included Barnett and Wanderlei. So perhaps Gabe was a factor in accelerating Cro Cop’s decline, as he never seemed to have the same ferocity after Gabe put him down.

    But moving onto the bad… apart from the Cro Cop win, Gabe has done nothing of significance inside the Octagon. He beat some scrubs who posted a career UFC record of 6 wins against 18 losses. So with the fight this past weekend, Travis Browne represented a challenge that was just way over Gonzaga’s head.

  • Screenplaya says:

    I feel, like most folks here, that the illiegal strike came after the fight was really decided, so I would call this a good victory. But, I totally underrstand and respect the Gonzaga team for questioning it. He was hit with an illegal blow, and it should be reviewed. Nothing wrong with this complaint.

    I also support Miesha Tate’s complaint. I hope she makes a proper complaint to the commission, too. I am sure her fight was stopped a little early. To me, it is plainly evident that Tate was still fighting. I think there is a very good chance she was about to be stopped, but that means the stoppage was too early. I don’t think the outcome should be overturned, though. I DO think Kim Winslow should be spoken with by the commission.


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