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UFC 158 drug tests come back clean

UFC 158 PosterUFC welterweight Nick Diaz may not currently have any interest in competing in the Octagon but he at least has the option to do so if desired. The 29-year old was among the six athletes screened for banned substances in relation to UFC 158 and, like his peers, passed the procedure with flying colors. The result is certainly a nice change from Diaz’s last drug test where the controversial Californian showed marijuana metabolites in his system and was suspended for a year based on the infraction.

Quebec’s athletic commission released the results to media yesterday, though didn’t actually reveal any of the fighters who submitted samples or what drugs were targeted. However, MMAWeekly received a statement from Diaz’s camp confirming he was part of the group where interest was expressed in receiving a more detailed report from the regulatory board.

Diaz was defeated by champion Georges St-Pierre at the March 16 show.


  • Lord Faust says:

    So, Nick’s attenion-fiending lawyer is going to contest a drug test his client actually managed to pass.

    Fuckin lawyers, man.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Is it the lawyer Faust or is it Diaz/camp telling him to try and nitpick anything and everything he can to try and get Dana/UFC to give Diaz the rematch


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