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Alexander Gustafsson officially out of UFC on Fuel 9 fight with Gegard Mousasi

UFC on Fuel 9 PosterThe scheduled main event for UFC on Fuel 9 took a fatal blow today when the athletic commission overseeing this weekend’s show in Sweden ruled headliner Alexander Gustafsson was not fit to fight after suffering a serious cut a few days ago while training for the tilt. Medical officials examined Gustafsson earlier today to confirm his condition before releasing the bad news.

No word has surfaced from UFC officials regarding the card or if Gustafsson’s opponent, Gegard Mousasi, will remain on the lineup.

Gustafsson is one of the light heavyweight division’s rising stars and was set to score a title-shot if victorious at the event. In addition to being a talented fighter, the native Swede is also the nation’s biggest star and the primary reason the lineup was booked for Stockholm.


  • Richard Stabone says:

    This is similar to the UFC 151 mess, just on a smaller scale. The UFC put together a lackluster card, hoping the main event featuring the hometown star fighting for a title shot would carry it. Now that injury has killed the main event, we’re left with a complete dud as far as marketability/star power, and no decent options on the rest of the card to fill the void.

    Sounds like Mousasi would fight anybody, but good luck finding a suitable replacement, and then getting him & his fight team to Sweden. I guess the most interesting thing this card has going for it at this point is Ryan Couture making his Octagon debut, with his legendary father & fan favorite in his corner… or wait, did the UFC fuck that part up too?

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Dana White [email protected] 1m

    Mousasi will face Iliir Latifa this Saturday live on @FUELTV Latifa is from Sweden and training partner of Gustafsson.

    So ya that’s what the UFC’s doing…yay?

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i’m looking forward to a few of the fights on this card, Couture/Pearson isnt one of them. There are some good up and coming European fighters on here, and to be honest i’d rather see an all Euro card with young up and coming fighters vying for a place on the UFC roster, than another shit series of TUF or a card filled with former TUF stars fighting in Europe because Zuffa thinks the fans want to see ‘names’. Give me Picket/Easton any day over Mitrione/De Fries.


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