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Georges St-Pierre suffered Achilles injury leading up to Nick Diaz fight

Georges St-Pierre - UFCUFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre saw a 2012 tilt with Nick Diaz fall apart after a leg injury put him on the shelf and apparently almost had the same thing happen a second time leading up to last weekend’s headliner at UFC 158. Fortunately, this time around his health-related woe wasn’t related to a knee and won’t require surgery.

According to St-Pierre’s head coach, Firas Zahabi, the tail-end of the superstar’s training was affected after he strained his Achilles tendon late in the game.

“I was worried it would tear during the fight,” revealed Zahabi in a recent interview with MMAFighting. “We had to cut his last sparring [session] short due to his injury. He had a week to rest it and then the fight.”

St-Pierre was obviously able to endure the effects of the issue and pulled out a dominant decision win against Diaz to pick up his eleventh straight win. Up next for GSP is Johny Hendricks, a decorated amateur wrestler with widely respected knockout power. Though Zahabi wasn’t sure when St-Pierre would be ready for Hendricks, he did say fans shouldn’t expect to see “Rush” in the ring until fall.

“He wants to take a couple of months off because his two fights were very close to each other and he wants to enjoy the summer,” said Zahabi.


  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    Man, and I thought waiting until August for this fight like Hendricks called for was a long time.

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    If he beats Johny, which I’m on the fence about, he’ll only have one fight left. I’m willing to bet GSP retires as a 2 division champ…

  • MickeyC says:

    Thats IF he even fights Hendricks next. Reguardless of what Dana says about Johnny being on deck. I give it 50/50 that GSP will say that with the time off, it may be a good time to add the weight and fight Anderson. To be honest it seems as though GSP does not talk much about fighting Hendricks at all? Am I missing somthing? Has he? Just seems to me that George will be in no hurry to make this fight. I don’t care what anybody says, Hendricks wrestling is FAR better than GSP, and I dout George is in a hurry to stand with him.

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    He spoke about it at the post fight press conference, saying Johny is the legit #1 contender and he’s earned it and all, but yeah… I agree with you. We all know how Goerges likes to take time off.

    Did anyone ever catch that write up from his former manager about his 3 fight “plan”? It involved beating Nick, which he did, beating Johny, TBD, and setting up his last and final fight which would be Anderson. That’s his plan regardless of outcome.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Hendricks has stayed pretty busy, with 3 fights in the past 10 months, so a bit of a break might be good for him as well. But hopefully GSP isn’t planning on taking too much time off… Labor Day weekend (Sept. 2) in Vegas sounds about right.

    If GSP is able to get by Hendricks, I think the Maia-Ellenberger winner would be a pretty solid #1 contender (assuming that matchup happens next).

    Maia has dominated guys like Chael & Fitch, so if nothing else I think he’d be able to nullify the overwhelming wrestling/grappling GSP has relied on in recent fights.

    And Ellenberger is a beast. Somewhat similar to Hendricks, with the wrestling background and devastating power in his hands, but I think Ellenberger is even more explosive/dangerous than Hendricks.

    So I think GSP still has at least two interesting fights at 170 ahead of him, and since he’s apparently taking a little summer vacation we’re looking at summer/fall 2014 by the time that 3rd fight out would happen. Obviously a lot can happen between now & then… further injury, GSP and/or Silva losing a fight, etc.


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