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Johny Hendricks’ hand already showing significant improvement

Johny-Hendricks - MMAWeeklyWelterweight Johny Hendricks endured a lot to earn the title-shot he cemented last weekend at UFC 158 with a win over Carlos Condit. However, all the hard work he put in over a six-fight run to get the crack at champion Georges St-Pierre was almost laid to waste in the clash with Condit after injuring his hand in the bout.

In fact, the damage seemed so severe Hendricks openly admitted he felt he’d likely broken the paw while pummeling Condit in their co-headliner. Fortunately, with a few days to heal, it looks like the bearded brawler is better than originally expected and won’t spend any time on the sidelines as a result of the issue.

“Update on my hand: it was feeling so much better today I decided not to go to the doc. Recovery going good,” wrote Hendricks recently on his Twitter account.

Hendricks’ condition was confirmed this week on UFC Tonight as well with the report stating a bout between St-Pierre and the heavy-handed wrestler was in the works for late summer. Though no specific information was attached, it is believed the fight will take place in Las Vegas.


  • AlphaOmega says:

    I’d think he’d want to side with caution and go to the dr instead of risking something else being wrong with it that he doesn’t know about, and coming to the GSP fight hurt.


    after the GSP vacation Johnny should be good to go and knock that safe base playing plastic champ out!!

  • Niv says:

    Keep dreaming Gike. At least when GSP takes his opponents down he damages them. I didn’t see Hendricks do anything to Condit after he took him down except for take damage and let him get up every time.

    I dare say thanks to mma judging he was fortunate to be given a unanimous decision.

  • ozz_the_powerful says:


    It’s good to be back home. I’ve had my fill of the “BloodyElitists” and other irrelevant news over there.

    Glad to see Johny finally getting his due. He deserves it, and I think he’s got the best shot out of anyone in the WW division at killing the king.


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