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Dana White: “There’s no doubt Johny Hendricks deserves the next shot.”

Johny-Hendricks - MMAWeeklyMMA fans can sleep well tonight, as UFC President Dana White has confirmed welterweight Johny Hendricks is indeed on deck for a crack at champion Georges St-Pierre regardless of Nick Diaz’s pleas to be paired with GSP one more time. The trio of talented 170ers all saw action last night with St-Pierre outpointing Diaz in convincing fashion and Hendricks beating Carlos Condit by decision in the evening’s Fight of the Night.

White’s words came to Fuel TV after the event’s conclusion while reviewing UFC 158.

“No, he wouldn’t get a rematch off that fight,” said White of Diaz’s request for a rematch. “There’s no doubt Johny Hendricks deserves the next shot.”

Though Diaz has said he is likely to retire without a second go at St-Pierre, White isn’t willing to change his mind and won’t try and talk the controversial Californian out of his decision either. However, the outspoken executive definitely hopes Diaz reconsiders his stance even if he seems like a handful based on his occasionally bizarre behavior.

“Nick’s not the trouble you think he is. I’ve had guys who were a lot more trouble than Nick Diaz,” White offered up in support of the Stockton resident.

The full interview with White can be found below where he also talks about his appreciation for the effort in Hendricks-Condit, Jake Ellenberger’s return to prominence, and the decision to have Ronda Rousey coach on TUF 18:


  • AlphaOmega says:

    And yet hasn’t Dana made comments about how Diaz has been more trouble then anyone else he’s worked with, in regards to no showing and stuff? Then again…it’s Dana

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I think Hendricks has the best CHANCE to beat GSP. I wouldn’t place any money on it happening but, he has a style if he fights the same fight he fought with Condit, could pose issues for GSP.

    I just think he might gas before he reaches championship rounds. He has top level wrestling that he uses to counter takedowns and set up big punches which could pose some problems for the lay n pray GSP likes to use. If he can’t get the KO or TKO in the first couple rounds I think the effort of trying for it will wear him out and GSP will spend final 3 rounds picking him apart and taking him down.

    After beating Hendricks maybe we can see GSP v. Silva because I really don’t see anyone at 170 that hasn’t been beat soundly and/or looks like a legit threat to take GSP down.

  • darth_irritable says:

    I really don’t think it’s fair to say GSP uses Lay n Pray. He’s more Ground and Pound Lite. He’s constantly working, but he never commits fully in the way, say, Robbie Lawler does if he gets someone on the ground (e,g, see Koschek’s face).


    Hendricks has to make it happen within the first two rounds-if not-it will be demoralizing at best for him from then on-reckless abandon versus precision craftsmanship


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