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Ben Askren: “I am 100% sure I could beat GSP.”

Georges StPierre - UFCBellator welterweight champ Ben Askren has never lacked confidence in his career and rightfully so. After all, the decorated amateur wrestler is 11-0 since taking his talents to the cage, beating the likes of Lyman Good, Jay Hieron, Douglas Lima, and Karl Amoussou along the way. However, he may have actually bitten off more than he can chew this time around.

Like countless others, Askren tuned in to UFC 158 last night where he watched Georges St-Pierre successfully defend his title against Nick Diaz. Rather than praise St-Pierre’s performance in a one-sided decision win over Diaz, the approach GSP employed left a different impression on Askren.

“I am 100% sure I could beat GSP,” wrote Askren on Twitter. “GSP is no longer an aggressive striker. He will not out wrestle or grapple me. He gets tired. Simple enough.”

Askren’s wrestling has proven to be a difficult challenge for any to overcome, typically taking his opponents down with ease and then peppering them with strikes/submission attempts while controlling action from the top. With St-Pierre’s strategy often looking similar, Askren could be on to something if able to out do the fantastic French-Canadian in those areas. Of course, also akin to Askren, “Rush” has won his last eleven fights though his victories have come against highly ranked opposition like Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch, Jake Shields, and Carlos Condit.


  • AlphaOmega says:

    ‘Askren could be on to something if able to out do the fantastic French-Canadian in those areas.’

    And if he wasn’t in Bellator

  • Dufresne says:

    I am 100% sure I could beat GSP
    No you couldn’t.

  • raker says:

    That’s what they’ve all said.

    I wish GSP would find his killer instinct, and be confident in his own abilities rather than so worried about the strengths of his opponent.

  • darth_irritable says:

    Askren would be the one guy GSP would find his killer instinct against. Absolutely nothing to fear on the feet (which is where he’s become cautious), and extremely capable of commanding the ground game.

    Chance of an Askren victory? Only if GSP has an aneurysm on the way to the ring.


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