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Junior dos Santos-Mark Hunt announced as #1 contender’s bout

Mark-Hunt-UFC-119 - MMAWeeklyFans pleased by the UFC’s decision to pair former heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos with cement-fisted slugger Mark Hunt found their grins widening this week when UFC President Dana White dropped some good news regarding their May 25 match-up. According to White, the UFC 160 scrap will produce a challenger for the winner of current title-holder Cain Velasquez’s upcoming bout with Antonio Silva.

White’s comments came this week to media after the UFC 158 press conference and were captured by MMAWeekly.

If Velasquez retains and Dos Santos beats Hunt, the resulting rumble would mark a trilogy between the two. “Cigano” knocked Velasquez out in 2011 to win UFC gold before suffering a lopsided decision defeat in their rematch last December. The stumble dropped his overall record to 15-2 and snapped a ten-fight run including success against Fabricio Werdum, Frank Mir, Roy Nelson, and Shane Carwin.

Meanwhile, the 9-7 Hunt was pegged as a replacement for Alistair Overeem after the Dutchman went down with injury. In large part, his name came up for the clash thanks to support from fans in addition to a quartet of consecutive victories and finishes of Cheick Kongo/Stefan Struve.


  • Niv says:

    I would like to see Hunt get a shot if he beats JDS. However I would rather see JDS get two wins at least before getting another shot.

    The UFC is in dire need of a ranking system where they can assign title fights according to rank and not popularity.

    I would like to see Werdum get a crack at it if he beats Big Nog more than anyone else at this point.

    I imagine being a UFC fighter must be frustrating these days knowing title fights are handed out on whims and popularity before merit.

  • MCM says:

    Exactly what I came here to say Niv.

    I think JDS is the best HW on the planet. I still think there was something seriously wrong with him in his last fight against Cain and he stomps Cain when they meet again. But for christ sake, stop giving these guys 1 and done title shots!

    Werdum is next in line, pure and simple. If Hunt beats JDS, he’s right up there too. But if JDS wins, give him someone like Cormier or Overeem or even Travis Brown before you put him back in a title fight.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    They do have a ranking system for all fighters in all weight classes. Fail to notice the numbers in brackets to left of fighters names for at least last several events?

  • Niv says:

    Hatter, I honestly haven’t paid attention but if they do have an official ranking system they sure don’t come close to following it.

    In boxing when a fighter steps in the ring they announce him, where he’s from and his world ranking, why can’t the UFC do that?

    Even more why pretend to rank and hand out title shots that don’t follow that ranking?

    MCM, I’m with you here as well, I believe today JDS is the best HW but I want to see a proper system in place that’s all.

    Having said that I am a hypocrite at times as I really am pumped for Diaz vs GSP and Pettis vs Aldo, but at least I do see the injustice in those match-ups.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    True hatter they do have a new ranking system, but is it really legit? They have Frankie sitting at #4 LW in the world, really? They have Faber as #2 after he lost to Baro. A lot of the ranks are based purely on name value. Also I agree that Werdum should get at least looked at for a title shot, wasn’t he suppose to after he beat Big Country, I think it was Big Country? I thought that’s what was going around is that he was in line for it.


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