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UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz Conference Call Highlights

UFC 158 PosterUFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre may respect rival Nick Diaz’s talents but he certainly doesn’t appreciate the controversial Californian’s approach to sportsmanship. St-Pierre had a chance to channel his dark place this afternoon and address Diaz when both participated in a conference call with media to talk about their upcoming tilt on March 16 in Montreal at UFC 158.

Four of the event’s other featured fighters also joined in on the fun in the form of Nate Marquardt, Jake Ellenberger, Carlos Condit, and Johny Hendricks, plus UFC President Dana White made an appearance.

As usual, Five Ounces of Pain was on the line and relaying highlights back to our readers as things unfolded in real time.

Read below for the juicy bits:

Georges St-Pierre-I’ve fought disrespectful opponents before Nick is nothing new, I never tweet I’m not into social media, I’m not thinking about Anderson Silva I’m focused on Diaz, I started from the bottom and I’ve worked very hard to get where I’m at, I don’t think Nick is smart enough to understand. Nick Diaz is a fool and I am not afraid of him.

Nick Diaz- I’m demanding attention, I feel Georges knows I deserves this position, I don’t get enough recognition, I want more media attention, like Nike deals and red carpet events, I’m only disrespectful because I want acknowledgment, I feel disrespected that I’m not important, I don’t care about GSP’s dark side, he knows where the fuck I comes from, I’m ready to fight, I’m training smarter, I wants to fight 85 lb. champ and 55 lb. champ and be in the P4P rankings, GSP has camera crews powdering his nose and people living his life for him, I do everything on my own, people want to see MMA not people holding, I don’t wear short shorts, GSP is talking shit and is out of line, I don’t think he deserves to get beat down, some soccer mom calls me out and at a red light saying I hope GSP beat’s my ass, everyone hates me.

Johny Hendricks-I don’t take people down I use my wrestling to keep the fight standing and use my power, I’m not looking past Condit if I do he will beat me.

Carlos Condit- Nick will pose problems, but Georges will win.

Jake Ellenberger– Did not speak..

Nate Marquardt– Did not speak..

Dana White – Nick Diaz is one of a kind.

The call consisted of Nick and Georges doing most of the taking, a lot of swearing on Nick’s end, an intense, entertaining argument between the two.


  • fanoftna33 says:

    Cannot wait for this fight. I dont know though if making GSP made is the best thing to do but it seeems as if Nick has done it better than anybody to date.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    you gotta listen to this, its fucking hilarious. i love Nicks pampering rant, the whole thing is almost like a parody, its fantastic. Zuffa would probably be best off not asking Nick do anything involving speaking, just let the guy fight. GSP’s comments about not understanding most of what Nick says is hilarious.
    i’m laughing my way through this.
    Nick wants to be so respectful, but his instinct is to fight everything everyone says.
    this is awesome, every time someone asks GSP a question, Nick goes off on one, its brilliant

  • hindsightufuk says:

    by the way i’ll be screaching for Nick to win

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Yep this stuff is GOLD!
    GSP is a poor trash talker but him telling Diaz he doesn’t understand his English was fukking funny!
    I ‘ve got “Dark Place” winning by ref stoppage in round 4,and I’ll be wearing my Nick Diaz Elite XC T-Shirt while watching it.
    My two favourite WW’s.
    Gotta love it!

  • Creature says:

    Best Conference Call ever, plain and simple :)

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I’ll have to give it a listen tomorrow…sounds like a fun one. Keep in mind Nick is going on 2 weeks without getting stoned so of course he was gonna be an irritable mf’er.

    I don’t see how GSP doesn’t wreck him for 25 minutes, or as long as the bout lasts, but one way or another hopefully the fight itself is more entertaining than the conference call.


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