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Dominick Cruz: “I’m so far from being cleared.”

Dominick Cruz - UFC 132With a successful showing from UFC interim bantamweight champ Renan Barao earlier this month, the topic of linear title-holder Dominick Cruz’s health has come up once again in relation to when “The Dominator” will return after tearing his ACL twice (with the second occurring during rehab from the first). In total, Cruz has been shelved since October 2011 with the bulk of the time off due to injuries, leaving many fans to wonder when – or if – the 27-year old will ever make his way back into the Octagon.

Cruz provided an update on his condition to Sherdog Radio where the news wasn’t necessarily positive on the surface but at least an indicator that he’s taking the right approach to healing up rather than rushing things out of anxiety.

“I miss competing. I haven’t been able to do it in a while and it hurts,” Cruz admitted. “But there’s nothing I can really do except sit on my hands and wait for this knee. I know it’s going to be fine. I know I’m going to heal OK. I know I’m going to be in there. I just have to do my time and wait, and that’s the hardest part. I don’t have a whole lot of patience.”

“I’m so far from being cleared,” he continued. “I go see the doctor again and they just cleared me to start running. I’m just running – that’s it. I can’t grapple, I can’t kickbox, I can’t box or anything like that yet. I’ve just got to build my body up slowly.”

However, though Cruz may be somewhat immobile, that doesn’t mean he is staying idle.

“The way people are picturing it, I have a feeling, is I’m going to be completely out of the gym, not doing anything and then all of a sudden I’m hopping into a camp. I don’t operate that way. I’ve never operated that way. I would almost put money on it that I’m in better shape than a lot of people that are active fighters right now,” said Cruz confidently. “I’m very active. I’m still doing tons of bike work. I’m still doing tons of upper body strength work. I’m working on everything I can around this knee, including working that knee and the muscles around that leg in order to come back as strong as ever.”

The 19-1 Cruz wasn’t able to provide a targeted date for his return though it is expected to take place in the next 6-9 months. It is unknown if Barao will defend his belt again before meeting Cruz, though UFC President Dana White has confirmed Cruz won’t be stripped of his gold unless forced to retire based on his problematic knee.


  • AlphaOmega says:

    Wouldn’t doing bike work be worse for knees then running?

  • THEGUNNER says:

    I read soomewhere biking is less harsh on the knees than running. Sucks for him. It will be worse if he comes back and starts losing.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Maybe it’s cuz I don’t train at an elite lvl or anything, but when I blew my knee I could run and run and run, but I couldn’t get on a bike or a bike machine for more then 10 mins without pain.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Its a fact that the impact from jogging on hard surfaces does do damage to the knee over a period of time. A bike can seem harder because the resistance can be changed so it takes more effort to keep pedaling and as a result will put more strain on your knee. But that’s if you change the settings so its harder to pedal but there’s no damage to the knee from this unless you have a pre-existing knee injury which can be re-aggravated from increased resistance from pedaling. If you keep it light and pace yourself accordingly and don’t try to push it then an exercise bike can be great for rehabbing an injured knee.

  • climbarock says:

    I’m no doctor, just a casual cyclist…

    Riding a bike can certainly fuck up your knees if you’re riding in too high a gear and “mashing.” To keep your knees healthy you need to keep your cadence high, like 70-100 RPM, and “spin.”

    I really enjoy watching Dom fight, so this layoff has been a bummer. Get healthy soon, dude.


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