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Jose Aldo will fight Anthony Pettis but not for the belt

Anthony Pettis - UFC on FOX 6 WorkoutsUFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo has decided to take a stand against the UFC’s recent practice of taking fighters with questionable resumes and awarding them title-shots based on name value rather than performance in a given division. In Aldo’s case, he is coming off a bout against Frankie Edgar (making his debut at 145 pounds after losing back-to-back bouts as a lightweight) and lined up to face Anthony Pettis (also a former lightweight who has yet to notch a win at featherweight).

Though Aldo was initially open to action against Pettis, some recent reflection produced the conclusion that “Showtime” should not leapfrog contenders who have been putting in work at 145 for years.

“Who deserves a chance in the first place, is Ricardo Lamas, because he has beaten Erik Koch, who was the next contender. He earned the chance after the victory,” said Aldo in an interview with TATAME. “Cub Swanson is another too. They are athletes in the division, struggling for a long time for a shot at the belt, which never arrives according to opponents the UFC is scheduling. If the UFC wants a superfight, I do not see any problem. I fight whoever, but the belt has to be against Lamas or Swanson.”

“They created a ranking that is not serving for anything, because they’re pulling people from other divisions. This is only happening on my weight, I see it nowhere else,” Aldo continued, pointing to the UFC’s recent decision to create an official system of sorting their fighters out. “It is an injustice to others.”

UFC President Dana White has said Aldo will suffer some sort of consequences if he refuses to face Pettis. However, with it being a matter of principal, chances are the 22-1 Brazilian may not waver on his stance, setting up what could be a nasty feud between the sides over the next few months.

Aldo-Pettis are tentatively scheduled to scrap in early August.


  • moosebaby02 says:

    Ok Champions should never be able to pick their fights but Aldo has a point with this one. I knew the UFC putting together a ranking system was going to come back and bite them in the ass. Money wise you cant blame the UFC cause I will pay for that fight but logic wise I cant blame Aldo who is only looking out for the “right and fair thing” (keeping his belt for sure).

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I still don’t get why they’re forcing the issue by having Pettis move down. He’s already next in line for a shot against the Bendo-Melendez winner, and that fight is less than two months away. Barring injury the next LW title fight should happen in the fall, which doesn’t really accelerate Pettis’ path go UFC gold since they’re taking about August for the Aldo fight.

    Plus you’ve got the history with Pettis and Bendo… an amazing fight the first time around, unfinished business for Bendo, etc. Very easy to market that one, and regardless of the outcome a guaranteed exciting fight.

    And to top it all off, who else is going to fight the Bendo-Melendez winner in 2013? Are they still banking on Eddie Alvarez making it over?

    Aldo vs. Pettis would be a fantastic matchup, but I’d rather wait for it to happen after Aldo wins another fight or two at FW and then moves up.

  • climbarock says:

    Oh fer fuck’s sake…

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I think they are pushing the issue Richard because for once someone who has #1 contender doesn’t want to wait and want’s a shot at the belt, and in the UFC’s eyes there’s no contender at FW, because they don’t seem to think lamas or cub deserve the shot. I know I said champs shouldn’t pick and chose who they fight, and they shouldn’t, but Aldo does have a point, rankings wise there are people deserving, name wise maybe not as much, at least probably not as big of a name as Pettis. And thats what the UFC cares about.

  • raker says:

    I’m mixed on this one. On one hand, the UFC is the employer and Aldo is the employee but on the other, they’re forcing the big name fight maybe a little too often and not letting those who have worked hard to achieve a shot their chance. I like the interchangeability of the divisions to a certain extent but it would be nice to see some if these guys have to fight a contender within the division before getting an immediate shot. If Aldo beats Pettis, who’s next? Penn? Maynard? Diaz? With that said, I love the big fights.

  • MCM says:

    Would Pettis still be willing to fight if Aldo agreed to do it at a catch weight of 150lbs?
    I fully understand Aldos stance (even though it’s happening in the LHW division too), but if the UFC needs time to build up a challenger, why not have him play around in the LW division like they did with Silva at LHW? Or would Pettis only want the fight if it’s for the belt? What’s his stance on Aldo’s change of heart?

  • Richard Stabone says:

    The UFC must be confident they’re still going to land Eddie Alvarez. Then it makes sense…

    From Pettis’ perspective, he doesn’t want to wait around and take the chance of being leapfrogged by Eddie and becoming lost in the LW shuffle all over again.

    From the UFC’s perspective, Pettis vs. Aldo makes more $$ than any of the FW contenders. Yay…money!! And the Bendo-Gil winner would face Alvarez later this year. as they guaranteed Eddie an immediate title shot as part of the contract offer.

    So I guess it all hinges on the Alvarez situation. If he lands with the UFC, this is probably the best play all around. But if Eddie is unable to break free from Bellator, then this feels like a bit of a clusterf*ck… cuz at that point Pettis could have had his LW title shot right around the same time they’re talking about him fighting Aldo (within a matter of weeks), and then for the UFC you just leapfrogged a legitimate FW contender in Lamas (who’s won 4 straight, including finishes of Swanson & Koch) with the guy who was the only compelling LW contender for the rest of 2013. A double-whammy of stupidity.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    The fact is pettis is in it for a belt. he benifits more waiting for his title shot than fight the champ in another weight class for fun. And if he beats aldo for no belt what is he to do beat another guy for a shot at aldo for the belt? All pettis has to do is trash talk aldo a lil ruffle his feathers so he can agree to fight for the title.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Dana said on twitter tonight, this fight’s happening and it’s for the belt

  • MCM says:

    And apparently if Aldo wins, he’ll be fighting for the LW belt next!?!?

    at least he won’t get the shot coming off a loss.

  • darth_irritable says:

    MCM, I think Pettis has a great shot here. If he can take out Screwface, that would be quite something…


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