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Ronda Rousey “felt fine” with Liz Carmouche on back

Ronda Rousey - UFC 157UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey maintained her mystique at UFC 157 with another Armbar victory in the opening round of a rumble, though only after some early drama including a sequence where Rousey appeared to be in danger of Liz Carmouche locking up a Rear-Naked Choke. However, “Rowdy” Ronda was able to escape and eventually found herself lined up for a submission attempt of her own ultimately proving to be much more successful.

The 7-0 Rousey spoke about her performance against Carmouche with Fuel TV shortly after the bout’s conclusion, crediting her foe for a tough fight despite never actually feeling as though she was truly in trouble during their tilt.

“On the ground I feel so comfortable in every position I don’t feel I’m ever in danger, so I feel comfortable taking a lot of risks,” explained Rousey. “I felt fine with her on my back. I was thinking more about trying to keep my sports bra up while she was trying to choke me, because I felt very safe and in control even though it didn’t look like that.”

“I knew she would be tough…I was expecting to go five rounds. It could have gone that way. It happened to be that I was in a good position with ten seconds. Ten seconds difference it could have gone to the next round and been very different,” added Rousey. “So yeah, she was very tough. Much respect to her.”

The full interview with Rousey can be seen below:


  • THEGUNNER says:

    Not looking foward to the next female fight in the ufc especially if its gonna be a main event. Put em on facebook and let them earn the spot light.

  • MickeyC says:

    Say what you will about the ladies. The fight did not last long, but they were scappin while it did.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Thank you Gunner for representing the chauvinistic, dunder-headed, thinking on WMMA that will be sure to keep hard working, tough women firmly planted underneath their glass ceiling where they belong.

    Damn women don’t deserve the spot light. Especially when they are far less talented men to place in the main event.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Last night’s main event was a beautiful combination of things that just worked out well.
    One of those things was how the co-main event turned out.
    Don’t worry GUNNER, it’ll be awhile before the women headline a PPV again.
    In the meantime, they’ll build their division through prelims , FX, and FOX.
    Last night I thought Rousey and Camouche displayed more balls than Machida and Henderson, and although it was a risk, it paid of big time.


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