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Jake Shields confirms next fight will be at welterweight

Jake Shields - UFC 144 WorkoutsGrappler Jake Shields entered the UFC as Strikeforce’s middleweight champion, defeating Dan Henderson in his final fight under the organization’s banner. Shields then slimmed down to welterweight in hopes of finding similar success against opponents closer to him in size. However, he only went 2-2 at 170 pounds and decided to beef back up to compete without the additional strain of cutting weight.

While Shields did win his initial encounter in the Octagon at 185 pounds, the triumph was quickly turned into a No Contest after it was discovered he’d use a banned substance prior to the pairing. Now cleared for a return to the ring, Shields has come to grips with welterweight being his best option and will move back down for his next fight.

“I made some changes (to my diet), my weight came down, my cardio feels better, I feel a lot cleaner with more energy,” said Shields to Bleacher Report.

When it comes to his next in-ring offering, Shields doesn’t have a specific opponent in mind for the future fight – he has a few of them. In general, he wants to face one of the top guys on the roster to show he still belongs in discussion for contendership.

“I’d like to fight someone tough. I’d like to fight Jake Ellenberger. That’s the one loss that I felt I’d really like the chance to repeat myself on. Carlos Condit would make a lot of sense. He’s really good or Rory MacDonald, he’s good. Just any of these guys that are good,” explained Shields.

Shields holds an overall record of 27-6-1 with past wins over the likes of Condit, Yushin Okami, Yoshihiro Akiyama, and Martin Kampmann. Ten of his tilts have ended with his hand raised as the result of a submission.

No date/event were mentioned in terms of when/where Shields expects his fight to unfold.


  • AlphaOmega says:

    I like Shields, he’s my second fav fighter, I know I’ll get hate and thumbs down for that. I’ve always thought he was a more natural WW, but in SF and other orgs he seemed to be able to do really well at MW as well. I just wish he’d get his striking more in order, he won’t ever KO people, but get more fluid to set up his takedowns better.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Shields dropped 2 of 3 fights, followed by the No Contest and subsequent drug suspension. He should have to work his way back up the ladder a bit before getting a crack at the guys he’s mentioning… and he’ll have to do just that because, unlike his teammate Nick Diaz, Shields is a boring fighter who doesn’t draw well and as such will not get the UFC’s version of a get-out-of-jail-free card.

  • trupert says:

    I’d start him back off at WW against Mike Pyle.

  • MCM says:

    Pyle is good, and he deserves a name fighter, but I’d like to see Jake fight Mike Pierce. Pierce has only lost to Fitch, Kos, and Hendricks (the last two by SD) in the UFC and should be much higher up the rankings than he is. Let him be the guy that sends Shields off to Bellator.

    @AlphaOmega, I’m not gonna thumbs down you, but you gotta explain to me how Shields is your second favorite fighter?

  • AlphaOmega says:

    It’s from his EliteXC days, the dude was always cool and soft spoken and never really gotten into trash talking, and my friend was like dude you have to watch this dude fight, he’s like godly on the ground..and ever since then I’ve liked Shields and watch every one of his fights, and always root for him.


    jake shields is on my list of favorite fighters-the guy is a beast and i can’t wait to train with him


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