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Daniel Cormier responds to Frank Mir’s trash-talk

Frank MirEarlier this week, UFC heavyweight Frank Mir fired off the first shot in what appears to be a developing war of words with upcoming opponent Daniel Cormier. Essentially, Mir questioned Cormier’s credentials based on his previous fights involving Strikeforce opponents and even threatened to break his arm, saying he felt disrespected by the Grand Prix winner’s desire to duke it out in his UFC debut.

Mir’s harsh assessment understandably didn’t sit well with Cormier who took to Twitter and responded, alluding to a past win over top contender Antonio Silva before bringing up Josh Barnett (who he also beat in Strikeforce).

“Level of competition Mir? You do realize I beat the guy fighting for the UFC title next right. Research buddy,” Cormier exclaimed, adding he couldn’t wait to get a hold of Mir at UFC on FOX 7.

“Hey Barnett, message from your friendly neighborhood Olympian,” wrote Cormier in a follow-up message. “I think Mir says that we aren’t very good. Just a heads up.”

Cormier is 11-0 with eight stoppages including his knockout of Silva. Comparably, Mir is 16-6 and owns past wins over Brock Lesnar, Cheick Kongo, and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. UFC on FOX 7 is scheduled from April 20 in San Jose, California.



    Mir’s arrogance is his downfall-he got beat by a WWE guy for christ’s sakes

  • elsicilian says:

    The “WWE guy” also beat Randy Couture and Shane Carwin (and he is actually the longest reigning HW champ in UFC history).

  • Niv says:

    Sorry I’m with Gike here, I was one of those that always felt Brock was set up for success.

    He did what he intended to, and with the limited mma skills he had won. Credit must be given where it was due, however he beat Mir who was really is still a shell of his former self. He beat a 46 year old LHW in Couture and was actually winning the fight until he got caught, and then beats Carwin who I also said was overrated from the get go.

    Since his title fight what has Carwin done? His biggest win leading up to it was catching Gabriel Gonzaga with a hail Mary while he was getting his ass handed to him.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Brock was obviously very one-dimensional, but he was an absolute beast with what he was good at and it made him a legit force in the HW division.

    And Carwin was a monster until age/injury caught up with him. He smashed Mir to grab the interim belt, and was oh-so-close to finishing off Brock to become the undisputed HW champ and run his record to 13-0. But adrenaline got the best of him in that fight (understandably so), and from that point on the back & neck problems have derailed his career. He got a late start, debuting with the UFC at 33 and not fighting Brock till after he’d turned 35 (and JDS even later), but before the window closed he was a legitimately dominant force. We’ll see how good guys like JDS six years from now when he’s 35; I doubt it will be pretty.

    As for Mir, yeah he’s arrogant but I don’t think it affects his performance. He seems to put in the work; he’s just not that good (compared to the guys at the top of the division). His striking skills are pedestrian and while his BJJ is very good he doesn’t have great grappling skills to complement the BJJ. He tried bulking up but that didn’t help either. Maybe he could have been great if not for the motorcycle wreck, but we’re never really know…. his best win pre-wreck was Tim Sylvia, and his best win post-wreck was against an aging, depleted Nog who hasn’t put together consecutive victories in over 5 years.


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