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Cain Velasquez defending belt against Antonio Silva at UFC 160

Antonio Silva - UFC on FX 5 WorkoutsLast Memorial Day Weekend, UFC heavyweight Cain Velasquez welcomed Antonio Silva to the Octagon and finished him less than four minutes into the fight. In an interesting twist of fate, the two will lock horns again this Memorial Day Weekend with the divisional belt on the line.

A bout between Velasquez-Silva was named as the headliner for UFC 160 on this week’s episode of UFC Tonight. The card is set to unfold on May 25 in Las Vegas.

Velasquez won the gold from Junior dos Santos in December, scoring a one-sided decision win over the hard-hitting former champion. He holds an overall record of 11-1 with nine strike-based stoppages to his credit and past wins over the likes of Brock Lesnar, Ben Rothwell, and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

The 18-4 Silva slid into a slot previously reserved for Alistair Overeem by flattening “The Demolition Man” earlier this month. The win was the second straight for Silva, adding to other instances of success on his record over the likes of Andrei Arlovski and Fedor Emelianenko.


  • Niv says:

    Are there no other HW’s that could be put into this fight?

    I think Silva is close to earning that shot, but he is one fight removed from being mauled by Cain and I’d rather see him win one more.

    I guess there really aren’t a ton of choices here, I wouldn’t mind seeing Fabricio Werdum or Staphan Struve get the shot first though.

    Regardless, Silva has the knowledge 1st hand of what it’s going to take to beat Cain, hopefully we’ll see a more competitive rematch.

  • What. The.Fuck?
    Nothing against Bigfoot or his accomplishment of knocking out The Reem, but he’s only 2-2 in his last 4 one of those losses coming from a horrific beat down courtesy of Cain. Guys like Struve & Hunt have better streaks going. Match making in title fights is just get ting rigodamndiculous

  • MCM says:

    Agreed gentlemen. Struve and Werdum are far more deserving than Bigfoot. But like I posted in an earlier story, the UFC screwed the pooch buy putting all their hopes on an Overeem win.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yeah we kinda covered this in a recent article but I’ll rehash my thoughts. Once Reem lost, the HW picture became pretty jacked up with no great options for Cain’s next opponent…

    JDS – It was only 6 weeks ago that Cain delivered a 5-round beatdown to JDS

    Reem – Just got KO’d by Big Foot

    Werdum – He’s the most deserving guy that’s next in line but he’s tied up with TUF and won’t be fighting Nog till June and, even with a victory, wouldn’t be ready to take on Cain till fall/winter.

    Big Foot – Cain walked right thru him 9 months ago. To Silva’s credit, he’s bounced back with consecutive victories over tough opponents in Browne & Overeem. On the other hand, prior to losing to Cain, Big Foot was also defeated by…

    Cormier – Has yet to even compete in the UFC, and both he & Cain have been vocal about not fighting each other anyway.

    Mir – He wasn’t competitive in any of his past 3 title shots, being KO’d within the first 2 frames each time. No mas.

    Nog – Hasn’t strung together consecutive victories in over 5 years. He’ll serve as Werdum’s springboard to a title shot in late 2013 or early 2014.

    Struve – He’s won 4 straight (and 6 outta 7) but against mid-level competition. Would have been nice if he was fighting Werdum early this year to determine the #1 contender to challenge Cain this summer, but with Werdum instead being tied down with TUF it just doesn’t work out.

    So given the circumstances, Big Foot is the least crappy option. I don’t like it, but it’s better to keep the champion active & belt being defended rather than having Cain sit on the sidelines like Anderson waiting for something better to materialize.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Even big foots coach said hed rather wait. Wtf is up with joe silvas match ups? Cant wait for this guy to retire.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Silva’s re-match may be a time filler until Cormier gets a win or wins in UFC. If he wins and Cain beats Silva again, they’ll have to match up regardless of how they feel about it. And it would be a great fight between two guys with matching skill sets as wrestlers.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Oh Josh Barnett, my heart bleeds for you so.
    Danny Corms won’t fight his teammate,
    and Stabone just accurately summed the HW division all up.
    I like the fact that Cain wants to keep busy, but maybe it’s part of a strategy to not allow a clear cut worthy opponent?

    By the way, my spell checker turns Stabone into “Stab one”.
    Anything you wanna share with us , Richard?

  • AlphaOmega says:

    They won’t have to Angry Mike, seeing as Cormier keeps pushing hard about this whole LHW move after beating Mir, I bet that’s what happens if cain is still title holder when it’s DC’s turn.


    There is no one else-the only logical answer would be winner of Werdum and Big


  • MCM says:

    I still think Werdum should fight for the title and Big Nog should face Barnett at the TUF finale.

    I like Bigfoot and think he’s highly underrated. His first fight with Cain was bloody as hell, but he was never out and was defending himself the entire time. (And I know I’m in the minority when I say that.) But even so, it was still less than a year ago and I think he should put together a three fight win streak at a minimum before getting another shot. Then again, Cain didn’t have to anything for his second shot at JDS so I guess it evens out.


    agreed-how bout lyoto vs dan


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