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Melvin Manhoef hoping for shot in the UFC before calling it quits

Melvin Manhoef - DREAMDutch striker Melvin Manhoef has been all over the world since coming on the scene in the late 90s, competing under the banner of numerous organizations where his brand of brute force garnered him respect as one of MMA’s hardest-hitting fighters. Though Manhoef is still taking to the ring at age 36, he knows his career is coming to an end and has started putting his focus on one final goal – a run inside the Octagon.

Manhoef has never fought for the UFC and sees a number of potential-laden pairings in the promotion he hopes to participate in. Fortunately, with wins in his last three tilts and an exciting style, he may just get his wish too if he can come out victorious in an April outing at ONE FC 5.

“I’m a fighter and I want to entertain people, so for me it’d be nice to fight in the UFC. If the chance is there, I’m going to do it, 100 percent,” said Manhoef last week on The MMA Hour. “I would like to fight fighters who like to stand and brawl. This is the fight I want to choose for myself, to give the fans a nice fight. Michael Bisping is one of those guys. Wanderlei Silva is one of those guys. Cung Le is one of those guys. There are a lot of guys who like to bang, so those guys, I would really like to fight them.”

“No Mercy” holds an overall record of 27-9-1 with all but two of his wins coming by way of knockout. Likewise, six of his nine losses have involved a submission, making Manhoef’s desire to face fellow stand-up artists all the more understandable. Among the notable opponents Manhoef has beaten in his career are the likes of Kazuo Misaki, Denis Kang, and Evangelista Santos.


  • THEGUNNER says:

    why the hell isnt he in the ufc?

  • MCM says:

    Because he’s a 50/50 fighter at best in the UFC. Before his 3 fight win streak he was 4-5-1 over the last 4 years, plus he made a lot more competing for Japanese orgs. But I wouldn’t mind seeing him against the like of Cote or Dolloway, so bring him over before he goes out to pasture. At least he puts on a good show.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Would love to see Manhoef get a few fights in with the UFC. Whether testing Cote’s chin, or a stand up battle against guys like Wandy or Le as Melvin suggests, or even going up against Lombard. Hector has a reputation of being a gym bully and there’s a floating rumor that Lombard had dialed things up a bit much durring a sparring session and Manhoef responded by turning the lights out for Lombard.

    He’s never been a well-rounded fighter and would lose to UFC guys with solid ground skills (Dolloway would likely beat him, but Dolloway vs. Tim Kennedy dounds good), but given the right matchups he’s an entertaining fighter with plenty of KOTN potential. Hope they get a deal done.


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