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Cain Velasquez reacts to possible scraps with Antonio Silva, JDS, and Daniel Cormier

Antonio Silva v Alistair Overeem - UFC 156The UFC heavyweight division was thrown into turmoil last weekend when Alistair Overeem suffered a strike-based stoppage to Antonio Silva, snapping an impressive winning streak and eliminating the Dutchman as a top contender. While Silva might normally be the “go to” option, such a scenario is tricky due to the fact he was mashed into goo by champion Cain Velasquez last May.

Velasquez was recently asked for his thoughts on a possible pairing with Silva, as well as with former title-holder Junior dos Santos and unbeaten teammate Daniel Cormier, telling Fuel TV he was essentially open to any opponent the UFC offered him but not necessarily interested in tilts with any member of the aforementioned trio.

Regarding Silva, the 11-1 Velasquez at least admitted he was impressed by the Brazilian’s beatdown of Overeem but didn’t seem overly enthusiastic about a rematch so soon.

“I thought Overeem would win the fight but if it went into the second or third round I was kind of giving it to ‘Bigfoot’. It definitely surprised me. We haven’t seen Overeem be in a fight like that in awhile, so definitely surprising,” explained Velasquez.

Another adversary Velasquez wants to see with his hand raised again before being considered for a crack at his belt is Dos Santos who he beat in December to become divisional king.

“I think he needs to win one more fight like I did,” said Velasquez.

However, it appears there is no number of victories Cormier can compile to draw Velasquez’s interest, keeping things simple on that front by stating, “I would not fight him. He’s my coach, teammate, friend.”

Other options Velasquez wasn’t asked about include Fabricio Werdum and Josh Barnett, though obstacles remain for both in terms of being booked against the polished pugilist. With no immediate answer in front of him, the 30-year old champ simply said he’s happy to wait for now and isn’t looking at a return to the ring until some point in the summer.

The full interview with Velasquez can be seen below:


  • THEGUNNER says:

    Why wonder? Give him #2 ranked hw.

  • MCM says:

    Werdum should have gotten the nod before Cain IMO. When he didn’t he should have been kept in a holding pattern to take on the winner, instead they stick him on TUF Brazil and make him fight Big Nog before he’ll be allowed a shot at the belt. All in the hopes that somehow Overeem would be ready to fight for the title. Bush league matchmaking if you ask me.
    Pull Werdum from the Big Nog fight and give him a title shot. Let him finish out TUF but replace him in the final with Barnett and let those two finish out their trilogy. Win, win, win.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Well who’s the #2 HW?

    Some would still argue JDS, but it’s been less than 6 weeks since he got manhandled for 5 rounds by Cain.

    Others would have argued Reem, but he just got flattened by…

    Bigfoot, who Cain steamrolled prior to JDS.

    Werdum has been lurking among the top half of the division and could reasonably earn a title shot with another win, but he’s tied down with TUF and won’t be fighting Nog until June. So even with a win, he wouldn’t be ready for a title shot until early fall.

    After that the well starts to get pretty dry. Struve is on a nice run with 4 straight victories (and 6 outta 7) but he’s been facing mid-tier fighters and beating Mark Hunt next month doesn’t exactly scream #1 contender. Ideally, he’d face a top contender to earn his shot. I wish he was facing Werdum, just like I wish Hendo was facing Jon Jones, but thank goodness for TUF.

    I guess that leaves… Fedor!

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Overeem and JDS have some business to take care of. Winner gets title shot. Sadly that would mean HW title doesn’t get defended again until fall at earliest.


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