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Jose Aldo-Anthony Pettis confirmed for August action

Anthony Pettis - UFC on FOX 6The UFC has once again decided to schedule a championship clash featuring a contender coming into a new division, though this one isn’t likely to create the same controversy as those awarded to the likes of Vitor Belfort or Chael Sonnen. Rather, another super-fight of sorts is in place, as featherweight title-holder Jose Aldo will put his gold up for grabs against lightweight contender Anthony Pettis.

Pettis has been calling for the fight since Aldo beat Frankie Edgar this past weekend, citing an interest in not only furthering his legacy but fighting for a belt instead of waiting for the 155-pound to sort itself out.

According to USA Today, the fight will take place on August 3 though no specific location has been locked in. Texas, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Rio de Janeiro are all said to be receiving consideration.

UFC President Dana White offered up a comment on the matter, adding obvious weight to the report, saying, “Two of the baddest dudes in the fight business are going to fight at 145 pounds. These guys are two of the most amazing, gravity-defying athletes in the sport. I am so pumped for this fight!”

The 16-2 Pettis has thirteen finishes to his credit and is on a three-fight run including back-to-back knockouts of Joe Lauzon/Donald Cerrone. Comparably, Aldo is 22-1 with fifteen straight instances of success.

While the tilt has a ton of potential to entertain, left out in the cold by the UFC’s decision are deserving challengers such as Cub Swanson and Ricardo Lamas who have both put together a number of impressive wins at 145 pounds but lack Pettis’ mainstream credibility.


  • MCM says:

    At least Pettis isn’t 1-2-1 in his last 4. But the UFC really needs to sort it’s divisions out and stop making matches on name recognition only.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    pleased for Pettis, but i wanna see him fight at 155 for the title. its not like 145 is too shallow is it?
    what if he beats Aldo? does he stay at 145? maybe he’ll be the first ever two divisional champ?

    much as it sucks, its an awesome fight

  • THEGUNNER says:

    He should take the title then do a real super fight with bendo. Aldo vs edgar was far from a huge fight.

  • Niv says:

    While I’m inclined to agree with MCM’s feelings on sorting divisions out and giving fights to fighters who earned them within the division, I just can’t help but smile at this match-up.

    In my opinion on paper this just may be the best match-up I’ve ever seen in the UFC. I personally can’t wait to see this fight and I can’t think of another potential match that has me this stoked.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Too bad it’s six months away. Lots can happen in that span.

  • Big Stank says:

    I like Pettis’ chances against Aldo and Henderson. Could he be the first to hold 2 titles in the UFC at the same time?

  • moosebaby02 says:

    Good for him. If anyone deserves to get something for talking it should be Pettis. He had a title shot in hand but steped up (mostly for the money) but put it on the line anyways. It wasnt his night that fight but I think it will be this fight.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Very mood dropping point brenden but both guys are coming off unwanted time off due to injury so my hopes are high that they both learned and keep it healthy as possible.still I wone get my hopes up til the weigh in.

  • Why so far away I wonder?

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Incredible matchup but now? I figured it would happen further down the road, after Aldo had moved up rather than Pettis moving up.

    A few thoughts…

    As others have mentioned, why wait till August? With Bendo fighting Gil in April, it’s not like this will accelerate Pettis’ path to a title shot in any sort of significant way.

    Where things will get interesting is if the injury bug bites again. If Aldo were to get hurt, the simple Plan B is to have Pettis slide right back into the LW picture to face the Bendo-Gil winner.This does provide some flexibility – if Aldo gets injured, Pettis can slide right back into the LW picture to face the Bendo-Gil winner. And if Pettis went down with injury, perhaps Aldo would instead

    Why not the July 4 weekend card? That’s always a big event each year and they’ll have to include at least one title fight. That would be a quick turnaround for GSP or Jones. Cain will be due to fight again but after Reem got flattened is there a compelling HW title matchup to carry a big holiday weekend card? I don’t think the Werdums or Struves ( Perhaps Silva will be making his way back into the octagon by then. Or Cain, but after Reem got flattened there’s not really a high profile opponent/matchup to be made for the next HW title fight.

    Lastly, what this does do is provide some flexibility. If something happens to Aldo, Pettis can slide right back to his usual LW path and fight the Bendo-Gil winner.

    not like August is going to accelerate his path to a title in any significant way.

    So a couple other thoughts…

    The July 4 weekend card would make

    Yeah, strange timing.

    The July 4th weekend event would seem to make more sense. That’s always a big card each year, and they’ll have to put at least one title fight on there, so I guess that leaves either Cain or Anderson, neither of whom have an obvious opponent at the moment (

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Whoops, went back to re-do that post and I guess I accidentally submitted that mess.

    Short version: hopefully nobody gets hurt. If Pettis went down with injury, I wonder if things would be flipped upside down with Aldo instead moving up to face the Bendo-Gil winner. (Yes, LW has plenty of depth, but after Gil & Pettis there just isn’t anyone on the cusp of a title shot.)

    And they need to figure out a big fight for the July 4 card. Aldo vs. Pettis seems like an easy option but if August is really where that gets slotted then hopefully it means Anderson Silva will be returning to the cage in early July.

  • elsicilian says:

    Personally, I don’t much care about “tenure” or “dues” … all things being equal I suppose they should factor into title-fight decisions, but really I just want to see the best guys fighting at some semblance of their natural weights. The truth is that the sub-155 divisions are not very well-stocked, and most of the guys who could fight at either 155 or 145 have traditionally flocked to 155 (for obvious reasons), which has left Lightweight totally overcrowded, and Featherweight relatively bereft of talent.

    If ANY of those studs from 155 want a crack at Jose Aldo (who is probably the top guy in EITHER of the two divisions), that’s almost always going to be a more intriguing matchup than ANY of the guys from 145 (which is essentially the JV weightclass).


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