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TUF 17 Results: Team Sonnen takes early lead with win from Luke Barnatt

Luke Barnatt - TUF 17Entering the Ultimate Fighter 17, most fans seemed to give the coaching edge to Chael Sonnen rather than light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. And, at least based on the first fight between their opposing squads, it seems they were right to do so.

Jones, who was allowed to make the first match-up based on last week’s coin flip, selected stocky striker Gilbert Smith to take on Team Sonnen’s #1 pick, the 6’6” Luke Barnatt. The decision didn’t go over well with members on his team who were vocal with their disapproval during last night’s episode, even going so far as to tell Smith they didn’t like his chances against the lanky Brit.

Their concerns would prove to be well-placed when the two faced off. Smith was able to land some minimal offense, including a few takedowns, but never put Barnatt in a truly bad position. After losing steam in the second round of the bout, Barnatt launched into a flying knee that caught Smith wading in and put him down for the count.

As a result of the victory, Sonnen is given the right to pick the next fight and selects Uriah Hall to faces Team Jones’ Adam Cella. Hall is considered to be one of the favorites to win the season and, based on highlights from next week, will either put the world on notice or suffer a massive upset with the show promising one of the nastiest knockouts in UFC history.


  • Lord Faust says:

    Unless I’m being swerved big time, I assume next week we see Hall do a stretcher job on Cella.

    This week’s fight was weird. Maybe it was the quality of my feed but it looked like Smith just dove face first into that knee. I’m not saying he took a dive, but both guys telegraphed their intentions so much that it felt like I watched it happen in slow motion.

    I’m not a big TV watcher (unless you count whole series on DVD), but the production revamp has been really good and so far my only complaint is about all the Bro Tears so far.

    I need to see another episode before I spew my thoughts on Jones as a coach; I need a bit more time to cement my opinion.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I can only watch tv at my friends house and he’s completely against watching TUF anymore so I can’t give an opinion. But someone said last week that they were broadcasting this season in 25 fps I think instead of 30 fps. So maybe that was the cause of what you saw Faust?

  • Lord Faust says:

    Perhaps, I always confuse myself whenever discussions about framerate come up. I know both guys were dead tired, as they were clinching / wrestling non-stop. Either way, the visual — from my perspective — was just really weird.

    I felt bad for Smith. A dude with confidence issues does not need Jones as a coach. Sonnen is actually the type of guy who would be good for someone like Gilbert.

  • raker says:

    Uriah Hall looked great on week one and was surprised to see a KO loss to Chris Weidman as well as a decision loss to Phillipou. On the other hand, Cella is a kick boxer that is undefeated. If a wrestler like Weidman can KO Hall, maybe a kick boxer like Cella can pull it off. We’ll see I suppose.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    Faust, i know what you mean about the frame rate, i’m sick of watching UFC prelims like that, skipping frames from time to time takes the enjoyment out of any fight. I watched the TUF on HD and the knee looked innocuous at best, looked more like a thigh than a straight knee.
    jones seems to be trying to say some real meaningful stuff all the time, but i think he’s just too young to have that sort of knowledge. the guy is 25, it takes time to become wise, and he isnt there yet

  • Lord Faust says:

    Damnit, now I *have* to watch next week.

    I hope it’s Hall, the “killer” in the house. His pre-fight interview was hilarious, he sounded like a lion live-tweeting a forthcoming kill. “Yeah, he’s kinda small and shy… *evil grin* Uhh I mean, you know, it only takes one mistake…”


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