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Judge denies Eddie Alvarez’s desire to fight at UFC 159

Eddie AlvarezLightweight Eddie Alvarez hoped to have some closure in his ongoing contractual catastrophe on Friday after having his case seen and does, albeit not in the manner he’d hoped. Alvarez’s legal team argued for their client to be cleared for action on April 27 at UFC 159, ruling that Bellator’s attempt to match a potential deal with the UFC didn’t hold up. However, in the end Judge Jose L. Linares found that there was more to be ironed out and denied Alvarez’s injunction.

MMAFighting was on scene and able to report the results. Alvarez was said to be disheartened by the decision while Bellator declined to make comment.

During the proceedings it was revealed Bellator has plans to promote a rematch between Alvarez and champion Michael Chandler on PPV though no specifics were given. Regardless, Alvarez’s representation stated the company would be unable match the percentage of buys he’d be in line for with UFC 159. Still, it wasn’t enough to sway opinion.

One bright note for Alvarez involved Judge Linares explaining the difference between FOX’s relationship with the UFC compared to Bellator’s with Spike TV could be a factor in a future hearing. Unfortunately, for now, Alvarez will remain in limbo until then while lawyers ultimately decide his fate as a fighter.


  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Too bad for Alvarez and for me as he is on my team,BUT, Chandler will always be the 500 lb. gorilla in the room until Alvarez defeats him(kinda like Aoki was).
    In one way, Bellator could’ve conceded and let him go to the UFC, because if he had any success in the UFC, Bellator could claim that they have the guy that beat Alvarez.
    But a rematch with Chandler makes the most sense.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Eddie’s inability to get an injunction doesn’t mean he’s lost, or is in jeopardy of losing. It just means the judge didn’t thinknthe very specific criteria had been met. It sounds as if he wants to wait for a different type of hearing before he rules on whether Bellator really matched UFC’s offer. His comments suggest that he has doubts about that, and he should.


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