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UFC working on bout between Vitor Belfort-Luke Rockhold

Luke Rockhold - StrikeforceThe majority of Strikeforce’s stand-outs have already been booked for upcoming action in the Octagon. However, middleweight champion Luke Rockhold is still waiting for an opponent even though he’s already attempted to call out Costa Philippou and Vitor Belfort. While Rockhold is still anxiously awaiting news from the Zuffa brass, it looks like he can at least rest comfortably with the knowledge his employers are listening to his pleas and looking to put him in a match-up as soon as possible.

UFC President Dana White revealed the organization’s matchmaking team is attempting to book a bout between Rockhold and Belfort. If scheduled, the scrap would either result in Rockhold establishing himself as a contender in the eyes of UFC fans or give Belfort another win under his belt with which to make a claim at top contendership.

White’s comments were made to media at the UFC on FOX 6 press conference. MMAFighting was on hand and able to capture his remarks.

Rockhold is 10-1 with nine straight wins to his credit including success against the likes of Keith Jardine, Tim Kennedy, and Ronaldo Souza. Comparably, the 22-10 Belfort has come out with his hand raised in his last three tilts at 185 pounds, most recently knocking Michael Bisping out at UFC on FX 7.


  • trupert says:

    In an ideal world, this is a great match-up for the reasons above, but if Spider wants to fight sooner rather than later, might as well give him Rockhold because as many other articles have stated, who else is Spider going to fight? Basically, Spider needs to pick out of Rockhold, Rashad or Belfort for a fight in the Spring/early summer and it looks like Spider’s camp is leaning towards Rockhold. They’ve said Belfort needs another win and who knows if Rashad will be injury-free after Lil’Nog fight.
    Weidman is not ready until summer and will definitely need a warmup fight (like against someone like Cung Le)
    Belfort can fight the Lombard/Okami winner for next in line.
    Souza vs Philippou will be a good fight to make as well.

    Anyway, Spider’s calendar should look like:
    April/May – Rockhold
    Aug/Sept – Belfort/Lombard winner (assuming Lombard beats Okami)
    End of year – Weidman or whomever else rises to the top….or JBJones if jones beats Sonnen and Hendo (if he beats Machida, Gustaf/Mousasi if not)

    use Rashad as your injury replacement/’safety valve’

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Have they said anything about the SF belts? Is it a merging or just forgetting about them?

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Although I guess if Rockhold is going to fight Vitor that’d mean they aren’t merging that belt at least wouldn’t it? But they still could the LW belt, or LHW if they want to do that route.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Melendez is fighting Benson Henderson so my guess is that would be called a unification fight. Who was LHW champ in SF? Infrequency of shows last year or so made me forget.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Um..I honestly can’t remember who their LHW champ is

  • JabCrossHook says:

    It was Hendo until he vacated it to go the UFC, after that they never had a LHW champion


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