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Chael Sonnen: “Let me be clear, Vitor – I accept.”

Vitor BelfortMoments after ending the contendership-dreams of Michael Bisping, middleweight Vitor Belfort took an opportunity to call out light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in hopes of talking his way into a rematch and taking the spot currently held by controversial challenger Chael Sonnen. Labeling Sonnen as a “punk” and a “clown”, Belfort held nothing back in attempting to solicit a scrap with Jones who he nearly beat on short notice last September.

As part of Fuel TV’s coverage of UFC on FX 7, Sonnen watched Belfort’s rant and, true to form, was more than happy to address the Brazilian’s behavior.

“Let be really clear and speak directly to you, Vitor. You’ve been telling the world you want to meet Jesus, and I’ll gladly arrange that travel. But first, I’m going to get rid of Jon Jones, but you are next,” dead-panned Sonnen. “Let me be clear, Vitor – I accept. Don’t make any mistake about that. You’ve called me out twice now. Once after I signed a contract to fight Anderson Silva, and once when you know I was busy with Jon Jones, but I’m letting you know I accept.”

Sonnen is set to face Jones on April 27 after the two face off as coaches on TUF 17.

Check out Sonnen’s reaction below:


  • MickeyC says:

    I am starting to wonder if old chael has done made a deal with the devil. No matter what this dude ends up smelling like a rose. Ok he did ok with Anderson in the first fight. Got busted both in with the drug test and real estate fraud. Got beat by anderaon again. Gets not only another title shot, but TUF coaching spot and all the $$ & perks that come with it, oh and lets not forget the co host spot on UFC tonight. Now before any of that has happened, even befor Jones has murdered him. He already has his next rivelry brewing. I LOVE YOU DUDE

  • raker says:

    He’s no dummy …. And Dana loves him. He’s good for business.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I would favor Sonnen over Vitor. Bisping let him hang around and traded punches with him, where I think Sonnen will plant him on his back within first 30 seconds and smother him and GnP out a victory.

  • darth_irritable says:

    If he and Vitor fight, there are really two big questions:
    1. Who has the smaller testicles?
    2. Will they harvest the combined sweat for Stanozolol manufacturing?

  • MickeyC says:

    I like his chances with vitor as well. Plus reguardless of how bad JBJs may beat him, a win over Vitor after would still keep him towards the top of the pile in either weight class. I cant wait to see TUFF this tues.


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