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Eddie Alvarez expects ruling on contract resolution in a week

Alvarez ThumbOn the surface it seems it should be simple for a fighter to decide where he/she wants to compete as long as not contractually bound to bouts in an organization. However, the case of lightweight Eddie Alvarez is much more complicated as a result of the 29-year old’s previous deal with Bellator allowing the organization to match any offers thrown his way.

Fresh into free agency, the UFC presented Alvarez with terms he was more than happy with including a solid chunk of cash and the possibility of additional money related to PPV percentages. Bellator quickly jumped in and, in their opinion, matched their competitor’s proposal even though technically unable to truly equal certain aspects specific to the UFC’s status as MMA’s biggest company.

Ultimately, the sides were unable to come to a resolution and a legal battle has since ensued. Fortunately, Alvarez recently revealed he expects the matter to be resolved in a week.

“Got a court date on January 25. Very excited to get this BS dealt with,” wrote Alvarez today on his Twitter account. “Very confident that the truth will prevail and you should be too.”

The 24-3 Alvarez is one of the top 155ers in MMA and a former Bellator champion. All but three of his victories have involved some form of finish including success against the likes of Roger Huerta, Josh Neer, Tatsuya Kawajiri, and Shinya Aoki.


  • Best news Ive heard all week. No matter what happens, Im happy the legal battle will come to a brief end. Eddie is a very talented and exciting fighter who (IMO) needs to be fighting in the UFC and fight in the deepest division in MMA(the ufc’s LW division). On the flip side of things, I’d love to see a Chandler vs Alvarez rematch.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Hate to be the cynic here but 2 things…

    1) barring some sort of out of court settlement, I don’t see this thing being fully resolved by next week.

    2) if there is a quick ruling, I would expect it would side with the bellator contractual language rather than what Eddie is hoping for.

    I hope Eddie can fight in the UFC soon, but bellator shouldn’t be a mere pawn in this ordeal. They invested in Eddie before the UFC ever did, and Eddie signed the deal knowing it included the match clause. My own opinion is the UFC should have flexed it’s financial muscles so it never got to this point, as they did with Lombard, but now things are ugly. Perhaps the UFC could still expedite a resolution by cutting bellator a check that would satisfy bellator to drop the lawsuit.

  • qat says:

    I think the UFC business-wise is doing the right thing, its not like they gave him a bad offer. Sorry, but he just isnt worth going all-out for in a division that is already stacked. Also they surely wanted to find out what will happen if they have a match-situation with Bellator, they will now. That sucks for Eddie a little, but i remember a few weeks ago he repeatedly said that he is ok with either Org..

  • Angry Mike says:

    Much depends on the language of the Bellator contract. But if it requires Bellator to match other offers and Bellator’s counter doesn’t match potential earnings from UFC’s ppv’s as reported, Bellator should lose. If the two proposed contracts don’t have equal, potential earnings, they’re not equal. If Eddie could earn millions or even thousands more based on his performance under the UFC contract, how is the Bellator counter equal? Which would anybody prefer?

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Since the UFC came out and said that their contract offer mentioned he’d get $1.50/$2.00/per ppv buy he should be fine since Bellator can’t match that.

  • qat says:

    Where did u read that AlphaOmega? 2 bucks per buy is a lot..


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