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Wanderlei Silva says only one man can beat Jon Jones and it isn’t Chael Sonnen

Jon Jones/Chael Sonnen - TUF 17Wanderlei Silva has seen a ton of talented Mixed Martial Artists over a lengthy career inside the ring. However, it seems few fighters have compared to the competitor he considers UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones to be.

Silva was recently asked about Jones abilities in relation to an upcoming title-defense against Chael Sonnen where “The Axe Murderer” was more than happy to offer up a prediction of how he envisions the fight unfolding.

“Jones will swallow Sonnen. I spoke with Jones and told him that he can win the fight only with jabs, with one hand tied behind his back,” laughed the legendary fighter in an interview with Sherdog.

While Sonnen’s status as top contender is questionable to say the least, Silva’s fairly certain there aren’t any other 205ers on the UFC’s roster who would fare much better against the 17-1 superstar. Of course, there’s a certain middleweight who has dipped his toe in the 205-pound pool a few times who might be up to the task.

“The only person who can beat Jones today is Anderson Silva,” concluded Silva on the matter.

Jones-Sonnen are set to scrap on April 27 at UFC 159 after facing off as coaches on TUF 17. Meanwhile, Silva has a showdown of his own on the horizon, facing Brian Stann in the main event at UFC on Fuel 8.


  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I’m not convinced Anderson Silva could beat Jon Jones. It needs to happen before Silva gets much older and finds more excuses to duck Jones.

    Would much rather see Jones v. Silva than GSP v. Silva

  • sdouglasmc says:

    I know I’m going to get blasted for saying this but stylistic wise I honestly believe Gegard Mousasi is the only guy at 205 that gives Jones a run for his money.

    Yeah, yeah, Keith Jardine… I actually thought Gegard won that fight AND beat King Mo off his back. However if it were Jones fighting those guys, Jones would’ve smoked them leaving no doubt. I just think Gegard is different than what’s out there in front of Jones right now.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    id bet the farm on silva.

  • Niv says:

    I agree with Wandy at this moment Silva is the guy to beat Jones. But I also agree with sdouglasmc that Moussasi is the guy with all the potential to do the trick as well.

    Now if Daniel Cormier is serious about dropping to 205lbs. I’d say that’s another potential winner. Now potential winners and actual are a whole different story, let’s hope some of these fights are made so we can see what happens.


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