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Alan Belcher ready for revenge against “very predictable” Yushin Okami at UFC 155

Yushin OkamiA little more than six years ago a pair of 20-somethings named Alan Belcher and Yushin Okami made their UFC debut in a bout against each other. Fast forward to today and both men are among the top 185-pounders in MMA, each compiling an impressive record including a number of wins over game opponents in the span since.

As might be expected, the outpointing Belcher suffered against Okami still bothers him and has been a prime source of motivation during the march towards their meeting at UFC 155.

“This is the first rematch of my career and that is what really fired me up about doing this fight. It’s against the right person and it is relevant in the rankings,” said Belcher of his December 29 tilt with Okami in an interview with Bleacher Report. “He’s good at what he does but at the same time, it’s very easy to figure out what he’s going to do. He’s very predictable. I have a lot of options with the things I can do. I have a lot of different styles and strategies I use. I have a lot of different ways to beat him where for him to win, he has to keep pressuring me and has to take me down. That’s pretty much it.”

Though Belcher is considered to be part of a small group of contenders with a legitimate claim at facing divisional king Anderson Silva, the 28-year old understands a victory over Okami isn’t likely to score him the title-shot. After all, in a time where championship clashes are awarded in large part due to popularity rather than in-ring accomplishment, Belcher knows he isn’t well-known enough to force Zuffa’s hand.

“It is an interesting time right now. I feel like the UFC is a little bit desperate to make big-money fights, but I don’t really fit into that category right now. It sucks, but we’ll deal with that when it comes. Right now, I have to win this fight and then probably one or two more,” admitted Belcher. “After I beat Yushin Okami, I’m not going to be mad if the UFC doesn’t have me fighting Anderson Silva in February or March. I want to make it realistic. I want to work for it. I want to legitimately beat everyone in the division with no questions asked. That means if I have to beat Hector Lombard, Michael Bisping, Vitor Belfort, Chris Weidman, (or) all of them in 2013, that’s what I’ll do.”

Belcher holds an overall record of 18-6 with wins in his last four fights. He was last seen pounding out Rousimar Palhares in the opening round of a May match-up but has been out of action since with a handful of injuries.


  • MickeyC says:

    He needs to seek revenge on the man that gave him that TAT!lol

  • Four straight wins All finishes, no disrespect to Weidman but this is your true number one contender

  • MCM says:

    Weidman- 9 straight wins with 6 finishes. Belcher and Weidman should be fighting for a shot at the belt. I wouldn’t mind seeing either one get it though.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    The MW division is in a really weird place these days.

    First you’ve of course got the GOAT sitting atop the division, waiting for a challenger to emerge.

    But then there’s a bunch of very good fighters–MW is pretty deep with talent–but nobody busting thru to clear #1 contender status…

    Bisping — If he beats Vitor (which I don’t think he will), he deserves his shot. His only recent loss came on short notice against Mr. Chael Sonnen, and the decision could have easily gone The Count’s way. If he beats Vitor he’s got the right combination of results and marketability to get a shot at Silva.

    Tim Boetsch — won 4 straight, including Okami and Lombard his last 2 times out. But Okami had been working him over pretty good before Tim caught him with a Barbarian shot. And with the Lombard fight, it was ugly, with the decision probably should have going to Lombard, and it seemed pretty clear Hector wasn’t in top form that night whether due to injury (as he suggested at one point) or a bad camp (as he also suggested) or perhaps the effects of making his debut with the UFC. So anyway, Tim is right among the top and another victory next weekend should probably keep him ahead of the rest of the pack, but at the same time it’s really difficult to get excited about him as the next challenger to Anderson Silva’s belt. And knowing how the UFC has been operating these days, he’ll need a lot of things to break his way for the UFC to actually give a guy as boring as Tim Boetsch a title shot.

    Belcher — Often injured, and hasn’t beaten any of the top-shelf fighters. The Palhares performance was eye opening, but Palhares getting stomped by Lombard last weekend took a little luster off Belcher’s win. A win over Okami would get him closer.

    Weidman — He’s got the sexy undefeated mark, but like Belcher his opposition has been lacking. Weidman’s dismantling of Munoz was certainly eye opening, but similar to Belcher’s most recent victory I think the Palhares & Munoz of the division are overrated. A Boetsch-Weidman matchup next weekend would have been perfect, putting the winner ahead of the rest of the pack for a title shot, but instead Weidman’s injury derailed what was looking like a fast track to title town (or a shot anyway).

    Vitor — If he beats Bisping, and let’s say for the sake of discussion he steamrolls him, he’ll still be hanging around in the mix.

    So to recap… if Bisping beats Vitor in January, then they’ll book Bisping vs. Silva for summer/fall 2013. If/when Bisping loses, that’ll give Silva more time to make his shitty movie with Seagal and take his time getting back into training camp for his next fight.

    And in the meantime, Weidman heals up and faces either Belcher or Boetsch (whichever guy emerges victorious next weekend). If both win, that’ll leave more of a logjam. You could have Weidman face Belcher to ride the hot fighters, and have Weidman face Vitor.

    OK I’ll stop my rambling there…like I mentioned right at the start, the MW division is a crazy picture right now.


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