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Jorge Masvidal out of Strikeforce fight with Pat Healy

Pat healyFor the third time in a row it appears Strikeforce lightweight Pat Healy may be left without an opponent after news surfaced stating Jorge Masvidal had suffered an injury while training for their January 12 tilt and may have to withdraw as a result. No specifics were offered on his condition other than to say the damage was bad enough to potentially put an end to the match-up.

Strikeforce officials have confirmed the matter by way of press release. Healy was originally scheduled to face champion Gilbert Melendez at the event, as he was earlier this year, before “El Nino” pulled out of both pairings for health-related reasons.

The organization is currently seeking a replacement for Masvidal.


  • MCM says:

    The Punk?

    This sucks for Healy. The guy has done everything he can to work his up to a title shot, or just a main card fight, and he keeps getting the rug pulled out through no fault of his own. I say bring him to the UFC and give him a top 5-10 guy out the gate and make Masvidal and Gilbert wait it out 6 more months before they find out if their even going to the UFC
    Winner of Lauzon/Miller maybe.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    This is getting ridiculous for Healy. Dude has won 5 straight fights (and 8 outta 9) to put himself in position to fight on a bigger stage, and start earning some real $$. But just like MCM said, the rug keeps getting pulled out from under him and in the meantime his prime years continue to slip away as he keeps waiting for his big shot.

    From a business standpoint Zuffa did what it had to do in acquiring SF and stomping out another potential competitor. But what has transpired since then has been a GD disgrace to guys like Pat Healy and Tim Kennedy. Get this mess over with already.

  • Creature says:

    Wow poor Healy.. I like the idea of him getting the Lauzon/Miller winner. I think Dana will do more than enough to make up for all these misfortunes in some way for Bam Bam.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Got to feel for Healy, and reading that Gilbert has said he is ready right now to fight Henderson when he was unable to fight Pat twice is not helping any.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    same as all you guys i feel for Pat, poor bastard. get him in the UFC, love to see him fight Jim Miller.
    i’m on some heavy painkillers today, shit is wobbly


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